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ZIMMER, Franziska, SCHEIBE, Katrin and ZHANG, Hantian (2020). Gamification elements on social live streaming service mobile applications. In: MEISELWITZ, Gabriele, (ed.) Social Computing and Social Media. Design, Ethics, User Behavior, and Social Network Analysis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (12194). Springer, 184-197.

ZHANG, Hantian (2018). Evoking presence in vlogging: A case study of U. K. beauty blogger Zoe Sugg. First Monday, 23 (1).

ZHANG, H (2018). Vlogger's engagement via facebook: A case study of UK beauty Vlogger Zoella. In: CUNNANE, Vincent and CORCORAN, Niall, (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Social Media. Curran Associates proceedings, 479-484.

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