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NICHOLS, Simon, TAYLOR, C., GOODMAN, T., PAGE, R., KALLVIKBACKA-BENNETT, A., NATION, F., CLARK, A.L., BIRKETT, S.T., CARROLL, S. and INGLE, L. (2020). Routine exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation does not increase aerobic fitness: A CARE CR study. International Journal of Cardiology, 305, 25-34.

NICHOLS, Simon, TAYLOR, Claire, PAGE, Richard, KALLVIKBACKA-BENNETT, Anna, NATION, Fiona, GOODMAN, Toni, CLARK, Andrew L., CARROLL, Sean and INGLE, Lee (2018). Is cardiorespiratory fitness related to cardiometabolic health and all-cause mortality risk in patients with coronary heart disease? A CARE CR Study. Sports medicine - open, 4 (22).

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