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WHEAT, Jonathan, CLARKSON, Sean, FLINT, Stuart, SIMPSON, Charlotte and BROOM, David (2018). The use of consumer depth cameras for 3D surface imaging of people with obesity: a feasibility study. Obesity Research & Clinical Practice.

FLINT, Stuart and REALE, Sophie (2018). Weight Stigma In frequent exercisers: overt, demeaning and condescending. Journal of Health Psychology, 23 (5), 710-719.

HASSAN, Abdul-Rahman, LAM, Michael Huen Sum, KU, Susanna, LI, William Ho Cheung, LEE, Ka Yiu, HO, Eva, FLINT, Stuart and WONG, Anthony Siu Wo (2017). The reasons of dropout of sport in Hong Kong school athletes. Health Psychology Research, 5 (1), p. 6766.

REALE, Sophie and FLINT, Stuart (2016). The impact of menu label design on visual attention, food choice and recognition: an eye tracking study. Journal of Sensory Studies, 31 (4), 328-340.

FLINT, Stuart, ČADEK, Martin, CODREANU, Sonia C., IVIĆ, Vanja, ZOMER, Colene and GOMOIU, Amalia (2016). Obesity discrimination in employment recruitment: 'You're not hired!'. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, p. 647.

FLINT, Stuart and PEAKE, R. (2016). Lead by example: should sport take a stand against brands of unhealthy consumption? Public Health, 134, 117-119.

FLINT, Stuart (2016). Are we selling our souls? Novel aspects of the presence in academic conferences of brands linked to ill health. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 70 (8), 739-740.

FLINT, Stuart, PLUMLEY, Daniel James and WILSON, Robert (2016). You're getting sacked in the morning: managerial change in the English Premier League. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 34 (2), 223-235.

FLINT, Stuart, SCAIFE, Robert, KESTERTON, Sue, HUMPHREYS, Liam, COPELAND, Robert, CRANK, Helen, BRECKON, Jeff, MAYNARD, Ian and CARTER, Anouska (2016). Sheffield Hallam Staff Wellness Service: four year follow-up of the impact on health indicators. Perspectives in Public Health, 136 (5), 295-301.

FLINT, Stuart, HUDSON, Joanne and LAVALLEE, David (2015). The portrayal of obesity in UK national newspapers. Stigma and Health, 1 (1), 16-28.

FLINT, Stuart and SNOOK, Jereme (2015). Disability discrimination and obesity : the big questions? Current Obesity Reports, 4 (4), 504-509.

FLINT, Stuart, HUDSON, Joanne and LAVALLEE, David (2015). UK adults' implicit and explicit attitudes towards obesity : a cross-sectional study. BMC Obesity, 2 (31).

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FLINT, Stuart, PEAKE, Rebecca, PLUMLEY, Daniel James, POLYAKOVA, Olga, REALE, S., WILSON, Robert, CAPEHORN, M. and PHEONIX, F. (2015). The impact of athlete endorsement on estimates of nutritional content of food meals. Appetite, 87, p. 395.

TILL, Simon, RILEY, A, COPELAND, Robert, MAYNARD, Ian and FLINT, Stuart (2015). Happy staff mean healthy business : the virtues of wellbeing. Health Service Journal.

FLINT, Stuart, WARMAN, L and PLUMLEY, Daniel James (2015). Males' exposure to the muscular body. Health Psychology Research. (In Press)

FLINT, Stuart, PLUMLEY, Daniel James and WILSON, Robert (2015). Managerial sacking : ethical considerations. Marketing Intelligence & Planning.

FLINT, Stuart, CODREANU, S, ILIC, V, ZOMER, C, CADIK, M, GOMALOU, A and WATSON, P (2015). Obesity discrimination in the workplace : "You're Hired!'". Journal of European Psychology Students, 6 (2), 64-69.

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FLINT, Stuart, JONES, Arwel W. and FAUDE, Oliver (2014). ECSS 2014: exercise around the canals. Sportscience, 18, 34-43.

FLINT, Stuart and SNOOK, Jereme (2014). Obesity and discrimination: The next 'big issue'? International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 14 (3), 183-193.

COPELAND, Robert, KING, Christina, FLINT, Stuart and WHITNEY, D (2014). The Olympic Games and sponsors have left town – what about the legacy? Olympika.

FLINT, Stuart, PLUMLEY, Daniel James, PEAKE, Rebecca and POLYAKOVA, Olga (2014). Using sport as a tool to market unhealthy food. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 2 (12), 15-25.

FLINT, Stuart, PLUMLEY, Daniel James and WILSON, Robert (2014). You don't know what you're doing! The impact of managerial change on club performance in the English Premier League. Managing Leisure, 19 (6), 390-399.

FLINT, Stuart, HUDSON, Joanne and LAVALLEE, David (2013). Counter-conditioning as an intervention to modify anti-fat attitudes. Health Psychology Research, 1 (2).

Book Section

BROOM, David and FLINT, Stuart (2018). Physical activity interventions impacting health in the community. In: WILSON, Robert and PLATTS, Chris, (eds.) Managing and Developing Community Sport. London, Routledge, 47-66.

OLIVER, Emily J. and FLINT, Stuart (2014). A new approach to regulation of body-image discrepancies : examining associations between self-talk and personality. In: COOPER, Saths and RATELE, Kopano, (eds.) Psychology Serving Humanity : Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology:. Psychology Press, 277-286.

Conference or Workshop Item

OLIVER, Emily and FLINT, Stuart (2013). A new approach to regulation of body-image discrepancies: examining associations between self-talk and personality. In: Psychology Serving Humanity: Science. (In Press)

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