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EIMONTAITE, Iveta, GWILT, Ian, CAMERON, David, AITKEN, Jonathan M., ROLPH, Joe, MOKARAM, Saeid and LAW, James (2018). Language-free graphical signage improves human performance and reduces anxiety when working collaboratively with robots. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

DULAKE, Nick and GWILT, Ian (2017). Flying with data: Openness, forms and understanding. The Design Journal, 20 (Sup 1), S3863-S3872.

PETRELLI, Daniela, MARSHALL, Mark, O'BRIEN, Sinead, MCENTAGGART, Patrick and GWILT, Ian (2016). Tangible Data Souvenirs as a Bridge between a Physical Museum Visit and Online Digital Experience. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 21 (2), 281-295.

GWILT, Ian and WILLIAMS, Jennifer (2011). Framing Futures for Visual Communication Design Research. Design principles and practice, 5 (5), 81-95.

Book Section

PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, LANGLEY, Joe and GWILT, Ian (2018). Design, behaviour change and long term conditions: he impact of demonstrating design skills to adolescents with chronic pain. In: CHRISTER, Kirsty, CRAIG, Claire and WOLSTENHOLME, Dan, (eds.) Design4Health : Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Design for Health. Sheffield Hallam University.

GWILT, Ian, LANGLEY, Joe, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, DAVIS, Suzanne, WOODWARD, Leanne and SPOONER, Ally (2017). Pain Talking: exploring the experience, expression and description of chronic pain through creative processes and visualisation strategies. In: KUNG, Cecile, LARN, Elita and LEE, Yanki, (eds.) Open design for E-very-thing. Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 , 21-24 November 2016 Hong Kong Design Institute. Cumulus working papers (33/16). Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design Institute, 225-229.

GWILT, Ian, PRENDIVILLE, Alison and MITCHELL, Val (2017). Making sense of Data through Service Design : opportunities and reflections. In: PRENDIVILLE, Alison and SANGIORGI, Daniela, (eds.) Designing for Service : Key Issues and New Directions. Bloomsbury. (In Press)

LANGLEY, Joe, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, GWILT, Ian and WOLSTENHOLME, Dan (2017). Using Knowledge Mobilisation Theory to inform the design of the co-design workshop for healthcare research and innovation. In: BARRON, Dierdre and SEEMANN, Kurt, (eds.) Design4Health, Melbourne. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017,Melbourne Cricket. Sheffield Hallam University jointly with Swinburne University of Technology, 334-336.

GWILT, Ian, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, PEACOCK, R., MARSH, C., SHEARD, L., LAWTON, R. and LANGLEY, Joe (2017). Using co-design workshops to develop a ward-level patient experience improvement toolkit. In: BARRON, Dierdre and SEEMANN, Kurt, (eds.) Design4Health, Melbourne. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017,Melbourne Cricket. Sheffield Hallam University jointly with Swinburne University of Technology, 95-98.

EIMONTAITE, Iveta, GWILT, Ian, CAMERON, David, AITKEN, Jonathan M., MOKARAM, Saeid and LAWS, James (2016). Assessing Graphical Robot Aids for Interactive Co-working. In: Advances in Ergonomics of Manufacturing : Managing the Enterprise of the Future. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (490). Springer, 229-239.

GWILT, Ian, YOXALL, Alaster and DREW, Laura (2015). Augmented packaging for improved medicine compliance. In: CHRISTER, Kirsty, (ed.) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Design4Health 2015. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

GWILT, Ian (2015). Big data - small world : materializing digital information for discourse and cognition. In: HARRISON, Dew, (ed.) Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies. Hershey, Pennsylvania, IGI Global, 33-46.

GWILT, Ian (2014). Augmented reality graffiti and street art. In: GEROIMENKO,, Vladimir, (ed.) Augmented reality art. Springer Series on Cultural Computing . UK, Springer, 189-198.

GWILT, Ian (2014). Creatively augmenting the urban experience. In: NOVAK, Shannon, (ed.) Manhattan Phrase : 40.74279,-74.008981 to 40.728411,-73.975679. New Zealand, Chartwell.

GWILT, Ian (2013). Data-Objects: sharing the attributes and properties of digital and material culture to creatively interpret complex information. In: The re-materialisation of the art object. US, IGI Global, 14-26.

CRAIG, Claire, GWILT, Ian, LANGLEY, Joe and PARTRIDGE, Rebecca (2013). Thinking through design and rehabilitation. In: ENCARNAÇÃO, Pedro, AZEVEDO, Luís, GELDERBLOM, Gert Jan, NEWELL, Alan and MATHIASSEN, Niels-Erik, (eds.) Assistive technology : from research to practice. AAATE 2013. Assistive Technology Research Series (33). IOS Press, 798-803.

GWILT, Ian, YOXALL, Alaster and SANO, Koutaro (2012). Enhancing the understanding of statistical data through the creation of physical objects. In: DUFFY, A, NAGAI, Yukari and TAURA, Toshiharu, (eds.) The 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity (Proceedings). UK, Design Society, 117-124.

WILLIAMS, Jennifer and GWILT, Ian (2012). Possible worlds : the yield of visual communication design in trans-disciplinary research. In: KORZENSKA, Agata and SATALECKA, Ewa, (eds.) Research in Graphic Design / Graphic Design in Research. Katowice, Poland, ASP Katowice, 73-92.

GWILT, Ian and WILLIAMS, Jennifer (2012). Possible worlds: the yield of visual communication design in trans-disciplinary research. In: KORZEŃSKA, Agata and SATALECKA, Ewa, (eds.) Graph research ın graphic design - graphic design in research. Katowice, Poland, ASP Katowice, 73-91.

GWILT, Ian (2011). Augmenting the White Cube. In: CANDY, Linda and EDMONDS, Ernest, (eds.) Interacting: art, Research andthe Creative Practitioner. Faringdon, Libri, 257-267.

GWILT, Ian (2010). Compumorphic Art : The Computer as Muse. In: BAKER, Su and THOMAS, Paul, (eds.) The first international conference on transdisciplinary imaging at the intersections between art, science and culture : new imaging : transdisciplinary strategies for art beyond the new media : conference proceedings. Sydney, Australia, Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference 2010., 72-76.

GWILT, Ian (2009). save_as. In: TURNBULL, Deb, (ed.) Image ecologies. DABDoc (9). Sydney, Australia, DAB Publications, University of Technology, Sydney.

GWILT, Ian (2009). Augmented reality and mobile art. In: FURHT, Borko, (ed.) Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts. Dordrecht; London, Springer, 593-600.

MCLAUGHLIN, S M and GWILT, Ian (2009). Comic Sequence. In: HELLER, Steven and TALARICO, Lita, (eds.) Design school confidential : extraordinary class projects from international design schools. Rockport, 188-191.

GWILT, Ian (2009). The graphical user interface in art. In: FURHT, Borko, (ed.) The handbook of multimedia for digital entertainment and arts. Dordrecht, Germany ; London, England, Springer, 617-622.

GWILT, Ian (2008). From digital interface to material artifact. In: HOOFD, Ingrid Maria, TAN, Margaret and YING, Katharine Ho Kit, (eds.) Proceedings of the ISEA2008 : the 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISEA2008 Pte Ltd, 202-203.

Conference or Workshop Item

GWILT, Ian and DULAKE, Nick (2017). Understanding the needs and desires of service users in the design and creation of meaningful physical data representations. In: Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations, Edinburgh, 10-14 June 2017. The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS), The ACM SIGCHI. (In Press)

GWILT, Ian (2015). Data-objects : materialising digital information for discourse and cognition. In: Art, Design and New Technology for Health: The Sackler Conference 2015, The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre V&A, 19th June 2015.

LEVICK-PARKIN, Melanie, MCENTAGGART, Patrick, GWILT, Ian and WOOD, Jonathan (2015). Enhancing museum visits through the creation of data visualization to support informed choices and the recording and sharing of experiences. In: The Pararchive Project Open access community storytelling and the digital archive, University of Leeds, 27-28th March 2015. (Unpublished)

Authored Book

GWILT, Ian and TURNBULL, Deborah (2008). MundaneTraces: essays on transitional art practices. Sydney, Australia, DAB Docs, University of Technology, Sydney.

Edited Book

GWILT, Ian (2006). Made known : digital technologies and the ontology of making. Sydney, Australia, Publisher Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney.


DULAKE, Nick and GWILT, Ian (2015). Dataseeds - flying data. [Artefact]

PHILLIPS, Mark, DULAKE, Nick, WILLOX, Matt, GWILT, Ian, CRAIG, Claire and AUTON, Kevin (2015). Home health monitoring – EyKos HealthHub (product design concept). [Artefact]

GWILT, Ian (2010). Folder_cube: Rapid Prototype artwork from the 'Inside Out' Exhibition AU/UK 2010/11. [Artefact]


DULAKE, Nick, MARSHALL, Mark, PETRELLI, Daniela, KOCKELKORN, Hub, VAN RIJN, Gert-Jan, MCENTAGGART, Patrick, GWILT, Ian and O'BRIEN, Sinead (2015). The Hague and the Atlantic Wall. [Show/Exhibition]

BUNKLEY, Brit and GWILT, Ian (2010). Hybrids (2010) at the MIC Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. [Show/Exhibition]

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