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DULAKE, Nick and GWILT, Ian (2017). Flying with data: Openness, forms and understanding. The Design Journal, 20 (Sup 1), S3863-S3872.

GWILT, Ian and DULAKE, Nick (2017). Understanding the needs and desires of service users in the design and creation of meaningful physical data representations. In: Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations, Edinburgh, 10-14 June 2017. The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS), The ACM SIGCHI. (In Press)

GWILT, Ian, LANGLEY, Joe, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, DAVIS, Suzanne, WOODWARD, Leanne and SPOONER, Ally (2017). Pain Talking: exploring the experience, expression and description of chronic pain through creative processes and visualisation strategies. In: KUNG, Cecile, LARN, Elita and LEE, Yanki, (eds.) Open design for E-very-thing. Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 , 21-24 November 2016 Hong Kong Design Institute. Cumulus working papers (33/16). Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design Institute, 225-229.

GWILT, Ian, PRENDIVILLE, Alison and MITCHELL, Val (2017). Making sense of Data through Service Design : opportunities and reflections. In: PRENDIVILLE, Alison and SANGIORGI, Daniela, (eds.) Designing for Service : Key Issues and New Directions. Bloomsbury. (In Press)

LANGLEY, Joe, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, GWILT, Ian and WOLSTENHOLME, Dan (2017). Using Knowledge Mobilisation Theory to inform the design of the co-design workshop for healthcare research and innovation. In: BARRON, Dierdre and SEEMANN, Kurt, (eds.) Design4Health, Melbourne. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017,Melbourne Cricket. Sheffield Hallam University jointly with Swinburne University of Technology, 334-336.

GWILT, Ian, PARTRIDGE, Rebecca, PEACOCK, R., MARSH, C., SHEARD, L., LAWTON, R. and LANGLEY, Joe (2017). Using co-design workshops to develop a ward-level patient experience improvement toolkit. In: BARRON, Dierdre and SEEMANN, Kurt, (eds.) Design4Health, Melbourne. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017,Melbourne Cricket. Sheffield Hallam University jointly with Swinburne University of Technology, 95-98.

PETRELLI, Daniela, MARSHALL, Mark, O'BRIEN, Sinead, MCENTAGGART, Patrick and GWILT, Ian (2016). Tangible Data Souvenirs as a Bridge between a Physical Museum Visit and Online Digital Experience. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 21 (2), 281-295.

EIMONTAITE, Iveta, GWILT, Ian, CAMERON, David, AITKEN, Jonathan M., MOKARAM, Saeid and LAWS, James (2016). Assessing Graphical Robot Aids for Interactive Co-working. In: Advances in Ergonomics of Manufacturing : Managing the Enterprise of the Future. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (490). Springer, 229-239.

GWILT, Ian, YOXALL, Alaster and DREW, Laura (2015). Augmented packaging for improved medicine compliance. In: CHRISTER, Kirsty, (ed.) Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Design4Health 2015. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

DULAKE, Nick and GWILT, Ian (2015). Dataseeds - flying data. [Artefact]

GWILT, Ian (2015). Data-objects : materialising digital information for discourse and cognition. In: Art, Design and New Technology for Health: The Sackler Conference 2015, The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre V&A, 19th June 2015.

DULAKE, Nick, MARSHALL, Mark, PETRELLI, Daniela, KOCKELKORN, Hub, VAN RIJN, Gert-Jan, MCENTAGGART, Patrick, GWILT, Ian and O'BRIEN, Sinead (2015). The Hague and the Atlantic Wall. [Show/Exhibition]

GWILT, Ian (2015). Big data - small world : materializing digital information for discourse and cognition. In: HARRISON, Dew, (ed.) Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies. Hershey, Pennsylvania, IGI Global, 33-46.

PHILLIPS, Mark, DULAKE, Nick, WILLOX, Matt, GWILT, Ian, CRAIG, Claire and AUTON, Kevin (2015). Home health monitoring – EyKos HealthHub (product design concept). [Artefact]

LEVICK-PARKIN, Melanie, MCENTAGGART, Patrick, GWILT, Ian and WOOD, Jonathan (2015). Enhancing museum visits through the creation of data visualization to support informed choices and the recording and sharing of experiences. In: The Pararchive Project Open access community storytelling and the digital archive, University of Leeds, 27-28th March 2015. (Unpublished)

GWILT, Ian (2014). Augmented reality graffiti and street art. In: GEROIMENKO,, Vladimir, (ed.) Augmented reality art. Springer Series on Cultural Computing . UK, Springer, 189-198.

GWILT, Ian (2014). Creatively augmenting the urban experience. In: NOVAK, Shannon, (ed.) Manhattan Phrase : 40.74279,-74.008981 to 40.728411,-73.975679. New Zealand, Chartwell.

GWILT, Ian (2013). Data-Objects: sharing the attributes and properties of digital and material culture to creatively interpret complex information. In: The re-materialisation of the art object. US, IGI Global, 14-26.

CRAIG, Claire, GWILT, Ian, LANGLEY, Joe and PARTRIDGE, Rebecca (2013). Thinking through design and rehabilitation. In: ENCARNAÇÃO, Pedro, AZEVEDO, Luís, GELDERBLOM, Gert Jan, NEWELL, Alan and MATHIASSEN, Niels-Erik, (eds.) Assistive technology : from research to practice. AAATE 2013. Assistive Technology Research Series (33). IOS Press, 798-803.

GWILT, Ian, YOXALL, Alaster and SANO, Koutaro (2012). Enhancing the understanding of statistical data through the creation of physical objects. In: DUFFY, A, NAGAI, Yukari and TAURA, Toshiharu, (eds.) The 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity (Proceedings). UK, Design Society, 117-124.

WILLIAMS, Jennifer and GWILT, Ian (2012). Possible worlds : the yield of visual communication design in trans-disciplinary research. In: KORZENSKA, Agata and SATALECKA, Ewa, (eds.) Research in Graphic Design / Graphic Design in Research. Katowice, Poland, ASP Katowice, 73-92.

GWILT, Ian and WILLIAMS, Jennifer (2012). Possible worlds: the yield of visual communication design in trans-disciplinary research. In: KORZEŃSKA, Agata and SATALECKA, Ewa, (eds.) Graph research ın graphic design - graphic design in research. Katowice, Poland, ASP Katowice, 73-91.

GWILT, Ian (2011). Augmenting the White Cube. In: CANDY, Linda and EDMONDS, Ernest, (eds.) Interacting: art, Research andthe Creative Practitioner. Faringdon, Libri, 257-267.

GWILT, Ian and WILLIAMS, Jennifer (2011). Framing Futures for Visual Communication Design Research. Design principles and practice, 5 (5), 81-95.

GWILT, Ian (2010). Compumorphic Art : The Computer as Muse. In: BAKER, Su and THOMAS, Paul, (eds.) The first international conference on transdisciplinary imaging at the intersections between art, science and culture : new imaging : transdisciplinary strategies for art beyond the new media : conference proceedings. Sydney, Australia, Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference 2010., 72-76.

GWILT, Ian (2010). Folder_cube: Rapid Prototype artwork from the 'Inside Out' Exhibition AU/UK 2010/11. [Artefact]

BUNKLEY, Brit and GWILT, Ian (2010). Hybrids (2010) at the MIC Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. [Show/Exhibition]

GWILT, Ian (2009). save_as. In: TURNBULL, Deb, (ed.) Image ecologies. DABDoc (9). Sydney, Australia, DAB Publications, University of Technology, Sydney.

GWILT, Ian (2009). Augmented reality and mobile art. In: FURHT, Borko, (ed.) Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts. Dordrecht; London, Springer, 593-600.

MCLAUGHLIN, S M and GWILT, Ian (2009). Comic Sequence. In: HELLER, Steven and TALARICO, Lita, (eds.) Design school confidential : extraordinary class projects from international design schools. Rockport, 188-191.

GWILT, Ian (2009). The graphical user interface in art. In: FURHT, Borko, (ed.) The handbook of multimedia for digital entertainment and arts. Dordrecht, Germany ; London, England, Springer, 617-622.

GWILT, Ian (2008). From digital interface to material artifact. In: HOOFD, Ingrid Maria, TAN, Margaret and YING, Katharine Ho Kit, (eds.) Proceedings of the ISEA2008 : the 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISEA2008 Pte Ltd, 202-203.

GWILT, Ian and TURNBULL, Deborah (2008). MundaneTraces: essays on transitional art practices. Sydney, Australia, DAB Docs, University of Technology, Sydney.

GWILT, Ian (2006). Made known : digital technologies and the ontology of making. Sydney, Australia, Publisher Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney.

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