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WHITFIELD, Malcolm, BHANBHRO, Sadiq, GREEN, Geoff, LEWIS, Kevin, HINDLE, Linda and LEVY, Cathy (2016). Developing a framework for estimating the potential impact of obesity interventions in a European city. Health Promotion International, 31 (3), 684-691.

TOD, Angela, KENNEDY, Fiona, STOCKS, Amanda-Jayne, MCDONNELL, Ann, RAMASWAMY, Bhanu, WOOD, Brendan and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2016). Good-quality social care for people with Parkinson’s disease : a qualitative study. BMJ Open, 6 (2), e006813.

COOPER, Dawn Michelle, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, NEWTON, David, CHIARELLA, Joseph and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2016). Introduction of a non-ported peripheral intravenous catheter with multi-use blood control septum offers improvements in the overall efficiency of the procedure and is clinically well accepted. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 15 (3), 177-193.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm, MACHACZEK, Katarzyna and GREEN, Geoff (2013). Developing a model to estimate the potential impact of municipal investment on city health. Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 90 (1 Supp), 62-73.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, KILNER, Karen and ALLMARK, Peter (2013). Doctors' and nurses' perceptions of barriers to conducting handover in hospitals in the Czech Republic. American Journal of Nursing Research, 1 (1), 1-9.

RICHARDS, N., HARRIS, K., WHITFIELD, M., O'DONOGHUE, D., LEWIS, R., MANSELL, M., THOMAS, S., TOWNEND, J., EAMES, M. and MARCELLI, D. (2008). Primary care-based disease management of chronic kidney disease (CKD), based on estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) reporting, improves patient outcomes. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 23 (2), 549-555.

RICHARDS, N., HARRIS, K., WHITFIELD, M., O'DONOGHUE, D., LEWIS, R., MANSELL, M., THOMAS, S., TOWNEND, J., EAMES, M. and MARCELLI, D. (2008). The impact of population-based identification of chronic kidney disease using estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) reporting. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 23 (2), 556-561.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm, GILLETT, Michael, HOLMES, Michael and OGDEN, Elaine (2006). Predicting the impact of population level risk reduction in cardio-vascular disease and stroke on acute hospital admission rates over a 5 year period—a pilot study. Public Health, 120 (12), 1140-1148.

WALTERS, Stephen J, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, AKEHURST, Ronald L and CHILCOTT, James B (2003). Economic implications of the use of Basiliximab in addition to triple immunosuppressive therapy in renal allograft recipients: a UK perspective. PharmacoEconomics, 21 (2), 129-138.

OTOK, R and WHITFIELD, M (2003). A First Class Service. Polish Medical Review, May (39).

OTOK, R and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2003). Partners two. Polish Medical Review, June (37).

KALTENHALER, E., WHITFIELD, Malcolm, WALTERS, S.J., AKEHURST, R.L. and PAISLEY, S. (2001). UK, USA and Canada: how do their pressure ulcer prevalence and incidence data compare? Journal of wound care, 10 (1), 530-535.

KAUTSCH, Marcin and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2001). British experience: Is the market harmful to health? (Doswiadczenia Brytyjczykow: Rynek szkodzi zdrowiu?). Health Care (Sluzba Zdrowia), 2001 (32-35), 3027-3030.

KAUTSCH, Marcin and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2001). How much do the medical services cost? (Ile kosztuja swiadczenia medyczne?). Służba Zdrowia (Health Service), 2001 (48-50).

WALTERS, S.J, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, AKEHURST, R.L and CHILCOTT, J.B (2001). Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of simulect prophylaxis in renal transplant recipients. Transplantation proceedings, 33 (7-8), 3187-3191.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and DEJA, Rafał (2001). A threat to the quality of health care: Burn-out syndrome (Zagrozenie dla jakosci opieki zdrowotnej: Zespol wypalenia). Służba Zdrowia (Health Service), 2001 (48-50).

WHITFIELD, Malcolm, KALTENHALER, E.C., AKEHURST, R.L., WALTERS, S.J. and PAISLEY, S. (2000). How effective are prevention strategies in reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers? Journal of wound care, 9 (6), 261-266.

MCCABE, Chris J., AKEHURST, Ron L., KIRSCH, Jeff, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, BACKHOUSE, Martin, WOOLF, Anthony D., SCOTT, David L., EMERY, Paul and HASLOCK, Ian (1998). Choice of NSAID and management strategy in rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis : the impact on costs and outcomes in the UK. Pharmacoeconomics, 14 (2), 191-199.

Book Section

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, WHITFIELD, Malcolm and ISMAIL, Mubarak (2010). Patient relationship. In: WINDAK, Adam, TOMASIK, Tomasz and DOMAGALA, Alicja, (eds.) Guidebook for teachers of family medicine on health promotion and disease prevention. Krakow, Zdrowie i Zarządzanie, 56-59.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, CARR, Adrian and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2010). A randomised controlled trial of the use of motivational enhancement techniques to improve engagement in and adherence to programmed physical activity in people with mental health problems and high CVD risk. In: SUOMI, Reima and ILVESKOSKI, Ilkka, (eds.) Navigating the fragmented innovation landscape. TUCS General Publication (56). Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS).

CZABANOWSKA, Katarzyna, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, SUMSKAS, L. and SMIETANA, R. (2008). Specialised English in public health. In: CZABANOWSKA, Katarzyna, (ed.) Learner’s dictionary for students and professionals : English for European public health. Krakow, Jagiellonian University Press.


MCDONNELL, Ann, KENNEDY, Fiona, WOOD, Brendan, RAMAWSWAMY, Bhanu, WHITFIELD, Malcolm and TOD, Angela (2014). Putting people with Parkinson's in control: exploring the impact of quality social care. Project Report. London, Parkinson's UK.

LEWIS, Robin, KELLY, Shona, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, MCKENZIE-SMITH, Michelle and STRACHAN, Alasdair (2013). An evaluation of a simulation-based educational programme to equip HCAs with the necessary non-technical skills to undertake their role safely and effectively, specifically in relation to the measurement of vital signs. Project Report. Sheffield Hallam University, Centre for Health and Social Care Research.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2010). Scoping the economic case for the 'Health Behaviour Change' Competence Framework. Project Report. Yorkshire and the Humber NHS.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2008). Modelling cardio-vascular risk in Warrington. Project Report. Warrington Primary Care Trust.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2008). Modelling the potential impact of the Local Area Agreement: Enhanced Public Health Programmes (EPHP) on population level risk reduction in cardio-vascular disease (CVD) and subsequent acute hospital admission rates over a 5 - 10 year period. Project Report. Sheffield, Sheffield Primary Care Trust.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and ARA, R (2008). A review of the business model for future emergency department: emergency room, unplanned care centre and integrated call centre services in Doncaster. Project Report. Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2007). A cost and clinical effectiveness evaluation of a “Disease Management Programme” for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Project Report. Sheffield, University of Sheffield.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2006). The economic case for Public Health Investment - A cost offset study for the “Fit for the Future” programme. Project Report. Barnsley Primary Care Trust.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and GERRISH, Kate (2001). A review of Community Nursing in Doncaster West PCT (The modernisation agenda, current position, resource allocation and community involvement). Project Report. University of Sheffield.

Conference or Workshop Item

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2010). Developing an evidence-based approach to city level public health investment in Europe. In: 18th UKPHA Annual Public Health Forum, Bournemouth, UK, 24-25 March, 2010. (Unpublished)

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2010). The economics of public health. In: Public Health, The Barbican, London, 30 September 2010. (Unpublished)

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2009). "Improving Health in the 21st Century". In: Healthy Sheffield Event - 26 February 2009, Sheffield City Council, 26 February 2009. (Unpublished)

WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2009). Modelling city level health improvement. In: Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Consultant Network - Masterclass, The Edge, Sheffield University, 22 January 2009. (Unpublished)

Authored Book

KAUTSCH, M, WHITFIELD, Malcolm and KLICH, J (2000). Managing Healthcare in Central Europe. Jagiellonian University Press.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm, KAUTSCH, Marcin and KLICH, Jacek (2000). Managing health services in Poland : an English/Polish perspective of health service management issues in the new millennium. Jagiellonian University Press.


INTHAWONG, Rungkarn. (2015). Assessing the impact of reducing risk factors for cardio-vascular disease in Thailand. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna Karolina. (2014). Barriers to effective communication between doctors at shift handover. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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