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HODGSON, Rachel E., VARANDA, Beatriz A., ASHE, Mark P., ALLEN, K.E. and CAMPBELL, Susan (2019). Cellular eIF2B subunit localisation: implications for the integrated stress response and its control by small molecule drugs. Molecular biology of the cell, 30 (8), 933-1049.

GREENE, C, KEALY, J, HUMPHRIES, M M, GONG, Y, HOU, J, HUDSON, N, CASSIDY, L M, MARTINIANO, R, SHASHI, V, HOOPER, S R, GRANT, G A, KENNA, P F, NORRIS, Karl, CALLAGHAN, C K, ISLAM, M dN, O'MARA, S M, NAJDA, Z, CAMPBELL, Susan, PACHTER, J S, THOMAS, J, WILLIAMS, N M, HUMPHRIES, P, MURPHY, K C and CAMPBELL, M (2017). Dose-dependent expression of claudin-5 is a modifying factor in schizophrenia. Molecular psychiatry, 3 (11), 2156-2166.

LUI, Jennifer, CASTELLI, Lydia M., PIZZINGA, Mariavittoria, SIMPSON, Clare E., HOYLE, Nathaniel P., BAILEY, Kathryn L., CAMPBELL, Susan G. and ASHE, Mark P. (2014). Granules harboring translationally active mRNAs provide a platform for P-Body formation following stress. Cell Reports, 9 (3), 944-954.

CASTELLI, L M, LUI, J, CAMPBELL, Susan, ROWE, W, ZEEF, L A, HOLMES, L E, HOYLE, N P, BONE, J, SELLEY, J N, SIMS, P F and ASHE, M P (2011). Glucose depletion inhibits translation initiation via eIF4A loss and subsequent 48S pre-initiation complex accumulation, while the pentose phosphate pathway is co-ordinately up-regulated. Molecular Biology Of The Cell, 22 (18), 3379-3393.

SINGH, CR, WATANABE, R, ZHOU, D, JENNINGS, MD, FUKAO, A, LEE, B, IKEDA Y,, Y, CHIORINI JA,, JA, CAMPBELL, SG, ASHE, MP, FUJIWARA, T, WEK, RC, PAVITT, GD and ASANO, K (2011). Mechanisms of translational regulation by a human eIF5-mimic protein. Nucleic acids research, 39 (19), 8314-8328.

SINGH, C R, WATANABE, R, ZHOU, D, JENNINGS, M D, FUKAO, A, LEE, B, IKEDA, Y, CHIORINI, J A, CAMPBELL, Susan, ASHE, M P, FUJIWARA, T, WEK, R C, PAVITT, G D and ASANO, K (2011). Mechanisms of translational regulation by a human eIF5-mimic protein. Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (19), 8314-8328.

TAYLOR, E J, CAMPBELL, Susan, GRIFFITHS, C D, REID, P J, SLAVEN, J W, HARRISON, R J, SIMS, P F, PAVITT, G D, DELNERI, D and ASHE, M P (2010). Fusel alcohols regulate translation initiation by inhibiting eIF2B to reduce ternary complex in a mechanism that may involve altering the integrity and dynamics of the eIF2B body. Molecular Biology Of The Cell, 21 (13), 2202-2216.

LUI, Jennifer, CAMPBELL, Susan and ASHE, Mark P. (2010). Inhibition of translation initiation following gucose depletion in yeast facilitates a arationalization of mRNA content. Biochemical Society Transactions, 38 (4), 1131-1136.

JAMES, Tharappel C, USHER, Jane, CAMPBELL, Susan and BOND, Ursula (2008). Lager yeasts possess dynamic genomes that undergo rearrangements and gene amplification in response to stress. Current genetics, 53 (3), 139-152.

MILES, W O, JAFFRAY, E, CAMPBELL, Susan, TAKEDA, S, BAYSTON, L J, BASU, S P, LI, M, RAFTERY, L A, ASHE, M P, HAY, R T and ASHE, H L (2008). Medea SUMOylation restricts the signaling range of the Dpp morphogen in the Drosophila embryo. Genes and Development, 22 (18), 2578-2590.

ROHDE, John R, CAMPBELL, Susan, ZURITA-MARTINEZ, Sara A, CUTLER, N Shane, ASHE, Mark and CARDENAS, Maria E (2004). TOR controls transcriptional and translational programs via Sap-Sit4 protein phosphatase signaling effectors. Molecular and cellular biology, 24 (19), 8332-8341.

HOLMES, L E A, CAMPBELL, Susan, DE LONG, S K, SACHS, A B and ASHE, M P (2004). Loss of translational control in yeast compromised for the major mRNA decay pathway. Molecular and cellular biology, 24 (7), 2998-3010.

JAMES, T C, CAMPBELL, Susan, DONNELLY, D and BOND, U (2003). Transcription profile of brewery yeast under fermentation conditions. Journal of applied microbiology, 94 (3), 432-48.

CAMPBELL, Susan, LI DEL OLMO, Marcel, BEGLAN, Paul and BOND, Ursula (2002). A sequence element downstream of the yeast HTB1 gene contributes to mRNA 3' processing and cell cycle regulation. Molecular and cellular biology, 22 (24), 8415-8425.


NORRIS, Karl Francis (2018). eIF2B Bodies and their Role in the Control of Protein Synthesis. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

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