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GREENE, C, KEALY, J, HUMPHRIES, M M, GONG, Y, HOU, J, HUDSON, N, CASSIDY, L M, MARTINIANO, R, SHASHI, V, HOOPER, S R, GRANT, G A, KENNA, P F, NORRIS, Karl, CALLAGHAN, C K, ISLAM, M dN, O'MARA, S M, NAJDA, Z, CAMPBELL, Susan, PACHTER, J S, THOMAS, J, WILLIAMS, N M, HUMPHRIES, P, MURPHY, K C and CAMPBELL, M (2017). Dose-dependent expression of claudin-5 is a modifying factor in schizophrenia. Molecular psychiatry. (In Press)

LUI, Jennifer, CASTELLI, Lydia M., PIZZINGA, Mariavittoria, SIMPSON, Clare E., HOYLE, Nathaniel P., BAILEY, Kathryn L., CAMPBELL, Susan G. and ASHE, Mark P. (2014). Granules harboring translationally active mRNAs provide a platform for P-Body formation following stress. Cell Reports, 9 (3), 944-954.

CASTELLI, L M, LUI, J, CAMPBELL, Susan, ROWE, W, ZEEF, L A, HOLMES, L E, HOYLE, N P, BONE, J, SELLEY, J N, SIMS, P F and ASHE, M P (2011). Glucose depletion inhibits translation initiation via eIF4A loss and subsequent 48S pre-initiation complex accumulation, while the pentose phosphate pathway is co-ordinately up-regulated. Molecular Biology Of The Cell, 22 (18), 3379-3393.

SINGH, CR, WATANABE, R, ZHOU, D, JENNINGS, MD, FUKAO, A, LEE, B, IKEDA Y,, Y, CHIORINI JA,, JA, CAMPBELL, SG, ASHE, MP, FUJIWARA, T, WEK, RC, PAVITT, GD and ASANO, K (2011). Mechanisms of translational regulation by a human eIF5-mimic protein. Nucleic acids research, 39 (19), 8314-8328.

SINGH, C R, WATANABE, R, ZHOU, D, JENNINGS, M D, FUKAO, A, LEE, B, IKEDA, Y, CHIORINI, J A, CAMPBELL, Susan, ASHE, M P, FUJIWARA, T, WEK, R C, PAVITT, G D and ASANO, K (2011). Mechanisms of translational regulation by a human eIF5-mimic protein. Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (19), 8314-8328.

TAYLOR, E J, CAMPBELL, Susan, GRIFFITHS, C D, REID, P J, SLAVEN, J W, HARRISON, R J, SIMS, P F, PAVITT, G D, DELNERI, D and ASHE, M P (2010). Fusel alcohols regulate translation initiation by inhibiting eIF2B to reduce ternary complex in a mechanism that may involve altering the integrity and dynamics of the eIF2B body. Molecular Biology Of The Cell, 21 (13), 2202-2216.

LUI, Jennifer, CAMPBELL, Susan and ASHE, Mark P. (2010). Inhibition of translation initiation following gucose depletion in yeast facilitates a arationalization of mRNA content. Biochemical Society Transactions, 38 (4), 1131-1136.

JAMES, Tharappel C, USHER, Jane, CAMPBELL, Susan and BOND, Ursula (2008). Lager yeasts possess dynamic genomes that undergo rearrangements and gene amplification in response to stress. Current genetics, 53 (3), 139-152.

MILES, W O, JAFFRAY, E, CAMPBELL, Susan, TAKEDA, S, BAYSTON, L J, BASU, S P, LI, M, RAFTERY, L A, ASHE, M P, HAY, R T and ASHE, H L (2008). Medea SUMOylation restricts the signaling range of the Dpp morphogen in the Drosophila embryo. Genes and Development, 22 (18), 2578-2590.

ROHDE, John R, CAMPBELL, Susan, ZURITA-MARTINEZ, Sara A, CUTLER, N Shane, ASHE, Mark and CARDENAS, Maria E (2004). TOR controls transcriptional and translational programs via Sap-Sit4 protein phosphatase signaling effectors. Molecular and cellular biology, 24 (19), 8332-8341.

HOLMES, L E A, CAMPBELL, Susan, DE LONG, S K, SACHS, A B and ASHE, M P (2004). Loss of translational control in yeast compromised for the major mRNA decay pathway. Molecular and cellular biology, 24 (7), 2998-3010.

JAMES, T C, CAMPBELL, Susan, DONNELLY, D and BOND, U (2003). Transcription profile of brewery yeast under fermentation conditions. Journal of applied microbiology, 94 (3), 432-48.

CAMPBELL, Susan, LI DEL OLMO, Marcel, BEGLAN, Paul and BOND, Ursula (2002). A sequence element downstream of the yeast HTB1 gene contributes to mRNA 3' processing and cell cycle regulation. Molecular and cellular biology, 22 (24), 8415-8425.

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