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RAHAQ, Yaqub, MOUSSA, Magdi, WANG, Heming and HASSAN, Aseel (2018). Highly reproducible perovskite solar cells via controlling the morphologies of the perovskite thin films by the solution-processed two-step method. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 1-11.

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WANG, Heming and KUMAR, Vikas (2015). Transparent and conductive polysiloxanes/ PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite thin films with a “water-impermeable” property to significantly enhance stability of organic–inorganic hybrid solar cells. RSC Advances, 5 (13), 9650-9657.

SULEIMAN, R, KHALED, M, WANG, H., SMITH, T. J., GITTENS, J, AKID, R., MOHAMED EL ALI, B and KHALIL, A (2014). Comparison of selected inhibitor doped sol–gel coating systems for protection of mild steel. Corrosion engineering science and technology, 49 (3), 189-196.

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WANG, H., SIMMONDS, M. C. and RODENBURG, J. M. (2002). Manufacturing of YbAG coatings and crystallisation of the pure and Li2O doped Yb2O3-Al2O3 system by a modified sol-gel method. Materials chemistry and physics, 77 (3), 802-807.

FANG, Zhenyi, CHAI, Yichao, HAO, Yongliang, YANG, Yaoyuan, DONG, Yanping, YAN, Zewu, TIAN, Hongchang, XIAO, Hongtao and WANG, Heming (2002). CVD growth of bulk polycrystalline ZnS and its optical properties. Journal of Crystal Growth, 237-9, 1707-1710.

Book Section

XU, H., AKID, R., BRUMPTON, G., WANG, H. and RODENBURG, J. M. (2004). Electrochemical and AFM/SEM studies of Ni-Cr electroplated and sol-gel coated samples. In: MCVITIE, S. and MCCOMB, D., (eds.) Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2003. Institute of Physics Conference Series (179). CRC Press, 417-420.


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MOSTAFA, Mohamed. (2009). Hybrid sol-gel/polyaniline coating for the corrosion protection of AA2024. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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