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WANG, Heming and KUMAR, Vikas (2015). Transparent and conductive polysiloxanes/ PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite thin films with a “water-impermeable” property to significantly enhance stability of organic–inorganic hybrid solar cells. RSC Advances, 5 (13), 9650-9657.

SULEIMAN, R, KHALED, M, WANG, Heming, SMITH, T J, GITTENS, J, AKID, R, MOHAMED EL ALI, B and KHALIL, A (2014). Comparison of selected inhibitor doped sol–gel coating systems for protection of mild steel. Corrosion engineering science and technology, 49 (3), 189-196.

RAHAQ, Y, WANG, Heming and KUMAR, V (2014). Fabricating the solution-processable inverted photovoltaic devices by the dip-coating method. Organic Electronics, 15 (5), 984-990.

KUMAR, Vikas, WANG, Heming and RODENBURG, Cornelia (2014). High-efficiency inverted polymer solar cells via dual effects of introducing the high boiling point solvent and the high conductive PEDOT:PSS layer. Organic Electronics, 15 (9), 2059-2067.

VIKAS, Kumar and WANG, Heming (2013). Selection of metal substrates for completely solution-processed inverted organic photovoltaic devices. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 113, 179-185.

KUMAR, Vikas and WANG, Heming (2013). Plasmonic Au nanoparticles for enhanced broadband light absorption in inverted organic photovoltaic devices by plasma assisted physical vapour deposition. Organic Electronics, 14 (2), 560-568.

MAY, Mousa, WANG, Heming and AKID, Robert (2012). Bond strength of hybrid sol–gel coatings with different additives. Journal of Coatings Technology and Research. (In Press)

AKID, R., GOBARA, M. and WANG, H. (2011). Corrosion protection performance of novel hybrid polyaniline/sol–gel coatings on an aluminium 2024 alloy in neutral, alkaline and acidic solutions. Electrochimica Acta, 56 (5), 2483-2492.

MAY, M., WANG, Heming and AKID, Robert (2010). Effects of the addition of inorganic nanoparticles on the adhesive strength of a hybrid sol–gel epoxy system. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 30 (6), p. 505.

WANG, H., AKID, R. and GOBARA, M. (2010). Scratch-resistant anticorrosion sol–gel coating for the protection of AZ31 magnesium alloy via a low temperature sol–gel route. Corrosion Science, 52 (8), 2565-2570.

GITTENS, J. E., WANG, H., SMITH, T. J., AKID, R. and GREENFIELD, D. (2009). Biotic sol-gel coating for the inhibition of corrosion in seawater. ECS transactions, 24 (1), 211-229.

AKID, R., WANG, H., SMITH, T. J., GREENFIELD, D. and EARTHMAN, J. C. (2008). Biological functionalization of a sol-gel coating for the mitigation of microbial-induced corrosion. Advanced functional materials, 18 (2), 203-211.

WANG, H. and AKID, R. (2008). Encapsulated cerium nitrate inhibitors to provide high-performance anti-corrosion sol-gel coatings on mild steel. Corrosion Science, 50 (4), 1142-1148.

AKID, R. and WANG, H. (2008). Protective developments - Sol-gel systems show promise in antifouling and anticorrosive systems. European Coatings Journal, 5, 24-28.

WANG, H. and AKID, R. (2007). A room temperature cured sol-gel anticorrosion pre-treatment for Al 2024-T3 alloys. Corrosion science, 49 (12), 4491-4503.

AKID, R. and WANG, H. (2006). Application of sol-gel technology for anticorrosion coatings and surface pretreatments. Galvanotechnik, 97 (9), 2098-2109.

AKID, R. and WANG, H. (2006). Sol-gel coatings: an alternative corrosion protection system. Corrosion Management (May/June), 9-12.

XU, H., AKID, R., BRUMPTON, G., WANG, H. and RODENBURG, J. M. (2004). Electrochemical and AFM/SEM studies of Ni-Cr electroplated and sol-gel coated samples. In: MCVITIE, S. and MCCOMB, D., (eds.) Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2003. Institute of Physics Conference Series (179). CRC Press, 417-420.

WANG, H., HUANG, Y. Z., RODENBURG, J. M. and SIMMONDS, M. C. (2003). Synthesis of nanosize powders and thin films of Yb-doped YAG by sol-gel methods. Chemistry of materials, 15 (18), 3474-3480.

WANG, H., SIMMONDS, M. C. and RODENBURG, J. M. (2002). Manufacturing of YbAG coatings and crystallisation of the pure and Li2O doped Yb2O3-Al2O3 system by a modified sol-gel method. Materials chemistry and physics, 77 (3), 802-807.

FANG, Zhenyi, CHAI, Yichao, HAO, Yongliang, YANG, Yaoyuan, DONG, Yanping, YAN, Zewu, TIAN, Hongchang, XIAO, Hongtao and WANG, Heming (2002). CVD growth of bulk polycrystalline ZnS and its optical properties. Journal of Crystal Growth, 237-9, 1707-1710.

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