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KEMP, Juliet H and MORGAN, Gareth (2019). Incidence and perceptions of “qualified” accounts filed by small charities. Accounting forum, 43 (1), 62-84.

CORDERY, Carolyn J, CRAWFORD, Louise, BREEN, Oonagh B and MORGAN, Gareth G (2018). International practices, beliefs and values in not-for-profit financial reporting. Accounting Forum, 43 (1), 16-41.

CRAWFORD, Louise, MORGAN, Gareth and CORDERY, Carolyn (2018). Accountability and not-for-profit organisations: implications for developing international financial reporting standards. Financial Accountability & Management, 34 (2), 181-205.

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MORRIS, Debra and MORGAN, Gareth G (2017). Strengthening charity regulation in England and Wales? The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 and the impact of academic witnesses. Voluntary Sector Review, 8 (1), 89-106.

BISHOP, Neil, RIDLEY-DUFF, Rory and MORGAN, Gareth (2016). Profit generation or community resource? Studying attitudes to the operation of a post office by a charity. Social Enterprise Journal, 12 (3).

CORDERY, Carolyn J, FOWLER, Carolyn J and MORGAN, Gareth G (2016). The development of incorporated structures for charities: a 100 year comparison of England and New Zealand. Accounting History, 21 (2-3), 281-303.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2015). Charitable Incorporated Organisations : an analysis of the three UK jurisdictions. Nonprofit Policy Forum, 6 (1), 25-44.

PARKER, Susan and MORGAN, Gareth G (2013). Funder and fundee attitudes to the support of church-based community projects by charitable grant-making trusts. Voluntary Sector Review, 4 (2), 205-222.

MORGAN, Gareth G and FLETCHER, Neil J (2013). Mandatory public benefit reporting as a basis for charity accountability: findings from England & Wales. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 24 (3), 805-830.

MORGAN, Gareth G, BAKER, Leila, HARRIS, Margaret and MORAN, Rebecca (2013). The public benefit requirement for charities In England and Wales: a qualitative study of its impact. Charity law and practice review, 15 (7), 1-18.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2011). The use of charity accounts for researching the performance of voluntary organisations. Voluntary Sector Review, 2 (2), 213-230.

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MORGAN, Gareth G (2010). The use of charitable status as a basis for regulation of nonprofit accounting. Voluntary Sector Review, 1 (2), 209-232.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2009). Churches and Charity Regulation: 1993-2009. Public Money and Management, 29 (6), 355-362.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2009). New development: Churches and charity accounting. Public Money and Management, 6 (29), 343-346.

BREEN, Oonagh, B, FORD, Patrick and MORGAN, Gareth G (2009). Cross-Border Issues in the Regulation of Charities: Experiences from the UK and Ireland. International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law, 11 (3), 5-41.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2005). Charities and Self-Regulation: Theory and Practice in the Role of Independent Examiners under s43(3) of the Charities Act 1993. Charity law and practice review, 8 (3), 31-54.

MORGAN, Gareth G and TAYLOR, Marilyn (2005). Funding for voluntary sector infrastructure: a case study analysis. ISTR Working Papers, IV, 1-11.

Book Section

EAST, S A and MORGAN, Gareth (2017). Flexible working practices in charities: Supporting or hindering women’s emancipation in the workplace. In: SCHWANENLAND, Christina, LANGE, Chris, ONYX, Jenny and NAKAGAWA, Sachiko, (eds.) Women's emancipation and civil society organisations: Challenging or maintaining the status quo? Bristol, Policy Press, 299-320.


BAKER, Leila, HARRIS, Margaret, MORAN, Rebecca and MORGAN, Gareth, G (2012). The impact of the public benefit requirement in the Charities Act 2006: Perceptions, knowledge and experience. Project Report. Liverpool, UK, Charity Commission.

MORGAN, Gareth and FLETCHER, Neil (2011). Public benefit reporting by charities. Project Report. Liverpool UK, Charity Commission.

Conference or Workshop Item

BISHOP, Neil, RIDLEY-DUFF, Rory and MORGAN, Gareth (2016). Profit generation or community resource? Studying attitudes to the operation of a post office by a charity. In: ISBE Conference 2016, Paris, 27-28 October. (Submitted)

MORGAN, G. G. (2005). Auditing financial statements without a true and fair opinion: assessing the effectiveness of charity independent examiners. In: British Accounting Association Auditing Special Interest Group, 15th National Auditing Conference, Aston Business School, March 11-12 2005.

Authored Book

MORGAN, Gareth G and TRESSIDER, Richard (2015). Contemporary Wine Studies : Dancing with Bacchus. Abingdon, UK, Routledge.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2013). Charitable incorporated organisations. Key Guides . London, Directory of Social Change.

MORGAN, Gareth G (2010). The charity treasurer's handbook: An introduction to voluntary sector finance and accounting. London, Directory of Social Change.


ELLIOTT, Dawn Angela. (2016). Voluntary sector chargeable support services: A typology of actor worldviews of legitimacy. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

EAST, Sally A. (2013). Flexible working in charitable organisations: An exploration of barriers and opportunities. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

MULERI, Morrison A. (2008). Non-Governmental organisation performance : financial governance and its impact on funder policies. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

COULE, Tracey M. (2008). Sustainability in voluntary organisations : Exploring the dynamics of organisational strategy. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

VIKRAM, Rakesh. (2000). Exploration of executive performance measures in manufacturing organizations. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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