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KANTARTZIS, Sarah, VAN BRUGGEN, Hanneke, CRAIG, Claire, PISKUR, Barbara, SCHILLER, Sandra, SIMO, Salvador and POLLARD, Nicholas (2016). Creating a think tank for occupation-based social transformation. In: 1st COTEC-ENOTHE Congress, Galway, Ireland, 15-19 June 2016.

POLLARD, Nicholas and CARVER, Neil (2016). Building model trains and planes : an autoethnographic investigation of a human occupation. Journal of Occupational Science. (In Press)

POLLARD, Nicholas, SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios, POLLARD, Linda and HARRISON, Clarice (2016). Community-based models of practice to address late life inequities : examples from the UK. In: BARNEY, Karen and PERKINSON, Margaret, (eds.) Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults : Promoting Quality of Life through Collaborative Practice. New York, Mosby/Elsevier.

POLLARD, Nicholas (2016). A narrative of cultural occupational performance. Cadernos de Terapia Ocupacional da UFSCar. (In Press)

BLOCK, Pam, KASNITZ, Devva, NISHIDA, Akemi and POLLARD, Nicholas, eds. (2015). Occupying disability: critical approaches to community, justice and decolonizing disability. New York, Springer.

POLLARD, Nicholas (2015). Concepts of justice and the non-traditional placement. Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning., 13 (2-3), 72-92.

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POLLARD, Nicholas (2015). Seeking asylum in the UK. In: RUSHFORD, Nancy and THOMAS, Kerry, (eds.) Disaster and development: an occupational perspective. Sydney, Churchill Livingstone, 95-102.

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KELLY, Shona, DAVIES, Larissa, HARROP, Deborah, MCCLIMENS, Alex, PEPLOW, David and POLLARD, Nicholas (2015). Reviewing art therapy research : a constructive critique. Project Report. Sheffield Hallam University.

POLLARD, Nicholas (2014). The little society: the personalisation agenda and sustaining older adults with enduring mental health needs in community care provision. In: TOD, Angela M. and HIRST, Julia, (eds.) Health and inequality : applying public health research to policy and practice. London, Routledge, 122-130.

HAMILTON, Mary, NUGENT, Pauline and POLLARD, Nicholas (2014). Learner voices at Pecket: past and present. Fine Print, 37 (1), 15-20.

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SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios and POLLARD, Nicholas (2013). A commentary of the social responsibility of occupational therapy education. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 37 (3), 416-430.

IKIUGU, Moses, POLLARD, Nicholas, CROSS, Audrey, WILLER, Megan, EVERSON, Jenna and STOCKLAND, Jeanie (2012). Meaning making through occupations and occupational roles: a heuristic study of worker-writer histories. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 75 (6), 289-295.

POLLARD, Nick and SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios, eds. (2012). Politics of occupation-centred practice : reflections on occupational engagement across cultures. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell.

SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios, AOYAMA, Mami, HUDSON, Mark and POLLARD, Nicholas (2012). An occupational therapy international summer school on Minamata disease, occupational justice, and the natural environment. West Kyushu journal of rehabilitation sciences, 5, 43-48.

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POLLARD, Nicholas and SMART, Pat (2011). Making writing accessible to all : The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers and The FED. In: MATHIEU, Paula, PARKS, Steven J. and ROUSCULP, Tiffany, (eds.) Circulating communities : the tactics and strategies of community publishing. Lanham, Maryland, Lexington Books, 21-34.

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POLLARD, Nick (2010). Occupational narratives, community publishing and worker writing groups: sustaining stories from the margins. Groupwork, 20 (1), 9-33.

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POLLARD, Nicholas, SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios and KRONENBERG, Frank (2009). Community development. In: MOLINEUX, Matthew, CURTIN, Michael and SUPYK, Jo, (eds.) Occupational therapy and physical dysfunction : enabling occupation. 6th ed. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

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POLLARD, Nicholas and VOICES TALK, HANDS WRITE WRITING GROUP, (name of group) (2008). Voices talk, hands write. In: CREPEAU, Elizabeth Blesedell, COHN, Ellen S and BOYT SCHELL, Barbara A, (eds.) Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy. 11th edition. Philadelphia, Lipincott, Williams and Wilkins, 139-145.

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POLLARD, Nick and KRONENBERG, Frank (2005). El marco conceptual de las Actividades políticas de la Vida Diaria, la Rehabilitación Basada en la Comunidad y la Terapia Ocupacional. Terapia Ocupacional, 38, 3-15.

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CHASTON, Denise, POLLARD, Nick and JUBB, Denis (2004). Young onset of dementia: a case for real empowerment. Journal of Dementia Care, 12 (6), 24-26.

JUBB, Denis, POLLARD, Nick and CHASTON, Denise (2003). Developing services for younger people with dementia. Nursing Times, 99 (22), 34-35.

POLLARD, Nick (2002). On the line: continuing professional development between research and practice. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 65 (5), 242-243.

POLLARD, Nick and WALSH, Susan (2000). Occupational therapy, gender and mental health: an inclusive perspective? British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 63 (9), 425-431.

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