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CHOPPIN, Simon, WHEAT, Jonathan, GEE, Melanie and GOYAL, A (2016). The accuracy of breast volume measurement methods: a systematic review. The Breast. (In Press)

BULLAS, Alice, CHOPPIN, Simon, HELLER, Ben and WHEAT, Jonathan (2016). Validity and repeatability of a depth camera based surface imaging system for thigh volume measurement. Journal of Sports Sciences. (In Press)

DOMONE, Sarah, LAWRENCE, Daniel, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, Tim, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2016). Optimal fall indicators for slip induced falls on a cross-slope. Ergonomics. (In Press)

SHAFIZADEHKENARI, Mohsen, DAVIDS, Keith, CORREIA, Vanda, WHEAT, Jonathan and HIZAN, Haz (2015). Informational constraints on interceptive actions of elite football goalkeepers in 1 v1 dyads during competitive performance. Journal of Sports Sciences. (In Press)

REED, Heath, STANTON, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan, KELLEY, John, DAVIS, L., RAO, W, SMITH, A, OWEN, D and FRANCESE, Simona (2015). The Reed-Stanton press rig for the generation of reproducible fingermarks : towards a standardised methodology for fingermark research. Science & justice, 56 (1), 9-17.

LAWRENCE, Daniel, DOMONE, Sarah, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, T, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2015). Gait adaptations to awareness and experience of a slip when walking on a cross-slope. Gait & Posture, 42 (4), 575-579.

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben and CHOPPIN, Simon (2015). Assessment of a Microsoft Kinect-based 3D scanning system for taking body segment girth measurements : a comparison to ISAK and ISO standards. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (11), 1006-1014.

YEH, Hsiao-Pu, STONE, Joseph, CHURCHILL, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan, BRYMER, Eric and DAVIDS, Keith (2015). Physical, psychological and emotional benefits of green physical activity: An ecological dynamics perspective. Sports Medicine. (In Press)

HIZAN, Hazuan, WHIPP, Peter, REID, Mahar and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). A comparative analysis of the spatial distributions of the serve return. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 14 (3), 884-893.

CHOPPIN, Simon, LANE, Ben and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). The accuracy of the Microsoft Kinect in joint angle measurement. Sports Technology, 7 (1-2), 98-105.

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WHEAT, Jonathan, CHOPPIN, Simon and GOYAL, A. (2014). Development and assessment of a Microsoft Kinect based system for imaging the breast in three dimensions. Medical Engineering and Physics, 36 (6), 732-738.

WHEAT, Jonathan S., HADDAD, Jeffrey M., FEDIRCHUK, Katherine and DAVIDS, Keith (2014). Effects of textured socks on balance control during single-leg standing in healthy adults. Procedia Engineering, 72, 120-125.

HELLER, B, SENIOR, T and WHEAT, J (2014). The Smartfloor : a large area force-measuring floor for investigating dynamic balance and motivating exercise. Procedia Engineering, 72, 226-231.

DUNN, Marcus, HAAKE, Steve, WHEAT, Jonathan and GOODWILL, Simon (2014). Validation of a single camera, spatio-temporal gait analysis system. Procedia Engineering, 72, 243-248.

GLAZIER, Paul S. and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). An integrated approach to the biomechanics and motor control of cricket fast bowling techniques. Sports Medicine, 44 (1), 25-36.

KNIGHT, Miranda, WHEAT, Jon, DRISCOLL, Heather and HAAKE, Steve (2014). A novel method to find the neutral position of the breast. Procedia Engineering, 72, 20-25.

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MARTINEZ, L M, ORTH, D, DAVIDS, Keith, WHEAT, Jonathan, SEIFERT, L, LIUKKONEN, J, JAAKKOLA, T, ASHFORD, D and KERR, G (2013). The role of textured material in supporting perceptual-motor functions. PLoS ONE, 8 (4), e60349.

WHEAT, Jonathan, HADDAD, J and SCAIFE, Robert (2012). Between-day reliability of time-to-contact measures used to assess postural stability. Gait & Posture, 35 (2), 345-347.

BARNES, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan and MILNER, Clare E (2011). Fore-and rearfoot kinematics in high- and low-arched individuals during running. Foot and Ankle International, 32 (7), 710-716.

DUNN, Marcus, GOODWILL, Simon, WHEAT, Jonathan and HAAKE, Steve (2011). Assessing tennis player interactions with tennis courts. Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences, 11 (Supp.2), 859-862.

OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew, DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan and HART, John (2011). The use of geometric shapes in estimating the geometry of body segments. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 (supp.2), S24-S25.

BARNES, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan and MILNER, Clare E. (2010). Use of gait sandals for measuring rearfoot and shank motion during running. Gait & Posture, 32 (1), 133-135.

HADDAD, J. M., VAN EMMERIK, R. E. A., WHEAT, J. S., HAMILL, J. and SNAPP-CHILDS, W. (2010). Relative phase coordination analysis in the assessment of dynamic gait symmetry. Journal of applied biomechanics, 26 (1), 109-113.

HADDAD, J. M., EMMERIK, R. E. A., WHEAT, J. S. and HAMILL, J. (2008). Developmental changes in the dynamical structure of postural sway during a precision fitting task. Experimental brain research, 190 (4), 431-441.

BARNES, A., WHEAT, J. and MILNER, C. (2007). Association between foot type and tibial stress injuries: a systematic review. British journal of sports medicine, 42 (2), 93-98.

BARTLETT, R., WHEAT, J. and ROBINS, M. (2007). Is movement variability important for sports biomechanists? Sports biomechanics, 6 (2), 224-243.

WHEAT, J. S., VERNON, T. and MILNER, C. E. (2007). The measurement of upper body alignment during the golf drive. Journal of sports sciences, 25 (7), 749-755.

Book Section

BUTTON, Chris, WHEAT, Jonathan and LAMB, Peter (2014). Why coordination dynamics is relevant for studying sport performance. In: DAVIDS, Keith, HRISTOVSKI, Robert, ARAUJO, Duarte, SERRE, Natalia Balague, BUTTON, Chris and PASSOS, Pedro, (eds.) Complex Systems in Sport. Routledge research in sport and exercise science . London, Routledge, 44-61.

HENDERSON, A, LAI, D and ALLEN, T (2014). A modern approach to determine the offside law in international football. In: JAMES, David, CHOPPIN, Simon, ALLEN, Tom, WHEAT, Jonathan and FLEMING, Paul, (eds.) The engineering of sport. Procedia engineering, 10 (72). Elsevier, 138-143.

WHEAT, J., HELLER, B. and LOVICK, S. (2009). Computerised games for balance training: a pilot study on collegiate females. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 687-696.

HELLER, B., WHEAT, J. S., MAWSON, S. and WRIGHT, P. (2008). Second lives for the third age: using virtual worlds to encourage exercise participation in older people. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 191-198.

WINTER, Edward, WHEAT, Jonathan and BROWN, Pam (2005). Sport and exercise science. In: HIGGINS, Richard, BRUCKNER, Peter and ENGLISH, Bryan, (eds.) Essential sports medicine. Malden, Mass., Blackwell, 12-21.

WHEAT, J. S. and GLAZIER, P. S. (2005). Measuring coordination and variability in coordination. In: DAVIDS, K., BENNETT, S. and NEWELL, K., (eds.) Movement system variability. Human kinetics, 167-181.

GLAZIER, P., WHEAT, J. S., PEASE, D. L. and BARTLETT, R. M. (2005). The interface between biomechanics and motor control: dynamic systems theory and the functional role of movement variability. In: DAVIDS, K., BENNETT, S. and NEWELL, K., (eds.) Movement system variability. Human kinetics, 49-69.

Conference or Workshop Item

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben and CHOPPIN, Simon (2014). Assessing the suitability of the Microsoft Kinect for calculating person specific body segment parameters. In: 4th IEEE Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision, Zurich, Switzerland, 6th Septmber 2014.

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben, WEBSTER, J and CHOPPIN, Simon (2013). Distortion correction of depth data from consumer depth cameras. In: 3D Body Scanning Conference, Los Angeles, November.

CLARKSON, S, CHOPPIN, S, HART, J, HELLER, B and WHEAT, J (2012). Calculating body segment inertia parameters from a single rapid scan using the Microsoft Kinect. In: 3rd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012.

CHOPPIN, Simon and WHEAT, Jonathan (2012). Marker-less tracking of human movement using Microsoft Kinect. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

DUNN, Marcus, WHEAT, Jonathan, MILLER, Stuart, HAAKE, Steve and GOODWILL, Simon (2012). Reconstructing 2D planar coordinates using linear and nonlinear techniques. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan, CHOPPIN, Simon, HAMILTON, Nick and HELLER, Ben (2012). Wavelet based de-noising of non-stationary kinematic signals. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne, Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew, DOMONE, Sarah and WHEAT, Jonathan (2012). The reliabiliy of trunk segment inertial parameter estimates made from geometric models. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.



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