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DOMONE, Sarah, LAWRENCE, Daniel, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, Tim, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2016). Optimal fall indicators for slip induced falls on a cross-slope. Ergonomics. (In Press)

SHAFIZADEHKENARI, Mohsen, DAVIDS, Keith, CORREIA, Vanda, WHEAT, Jonathan and HIZAN, Haz (2015). Informational constraints on interceptive actions of elite football goalkeepers in 1 v1 dyads during competitive performance. Journal of Sports Sciences. (In Press)

REED, Heath, STANTON, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan, KELLEY, John, DAVIS, L., RAO, W, SMITH, A, OWEN, D and FRANCESE, Simona (2015). The Reed-Stanton press rig for the generation of reproducible fingermarks : towards a standardised methodology for fingermark research. Science & justice, 56 (1), 9-17.

LAWRENCE, Daniel, DOMONE, Sarah, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, T, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2015). Gait adaptations to awareness and experience of a slip when walking on a cross-slope. Gait & Posture, 42 (4), 575-579.

CLARKSON, S, WHEAT, J, HELLER, B and CHOPPIN, S (2015). Assessment of a Microsoft Kinect-based 3D scanning system for taking body segment girth measurements : a comparison to ISAK and ISO standards. Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-9. (In Press)

YEH, Hsiao-Pu, STONE, Joseph, CHURCHILL, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan, BRYMER, Eric and DAVIDS, Keith (2015). Physical, psychological and emotional benefits of green physical activity: An ecological dynamics perspective. Sports Medicine. (In Press)

HIZAN, Hazuan, WHIPP, Peter, REID, Mahar and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). A comparative analysis of the spatial distributions of the serve return. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 14 (3), 884-893.

CHOPPIN, Simon, LANE, Ben and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). The accuracy of the Microsoft Kinect in joint angle measurement. Sports Technology, 7 (1-2), 98-105.

WHEAT, J S, HIGHAM, D, CLARKSON, S and CHOPPIN, S (2014). A depth camera-based system for estimating cyclist-bike projected frontal area. Journal of Science and Cycling, 3 (2/3), p. 72.

WHEAT, Jonathan, CHOPPIN, Simon and GOYAL, A. (2014). Development and assessment of a Microsoft Kinect based system for imaging the breast in three dimensions. Medical Engineering and Physics, 36 (6), 732-738.

WHEAT, Jonathan S., HADDAD, Jeffrey M., FEDIRCHUK, Katherine and DAVIDS, Keith (2014). Effects of textured socks on balance control during single-leg standing in healthy adults. Procedia Engineering, 72, 120-125.

HELLER, B, SENIOR, T and WHEAT, J (2014). The Smartfloor : a large area force-measuring floor for investigating dynamic balance and motivating exercise. Procedia Engineering, 72, 226-231.

DUNN, Marcus, HAAKE, Steve, WHEAT, Jonathan and GOODWILL, Simon (2014). Validation of a single camera, spatio-temporal gait analysis system. Procedia Engineering, 72, 243-248.

GLAZIER, Paul S. and WHEAT, Jonathan (2014). An integrated approach to the biomechanics and motor control of cricket fast bowling techniques. Sports Medicine, 44 (1), 25-36.

KNIGHT, Miranda, WHEAT, Jon, DRISCOLL, Heather and HAAKE, Steve (2014). A novel method to find the neutral position of the breast. Procedia Engineering, 72, 20-25.

CHOPPIN, Simon and WHEAT, Jonathan (2013). The potential of the Microsoft Kinect in sports analysis and biomechanics. Sports Technology, 6 (2), 78-85.

MARTINEZ, L M, ORTH, D, DAVIDS, Keith, WHEAT, Jonathan, SEIFERT, L, LIUKKONEN, J, JAAKKOLA, T, ASHFORD, D and KERR, G (2013). The role of textured material in supporting perceptual-motor functions. PLoS ONE, 8 (4), e60349.

WHEAT, Jonathan, HADDAD, J and SCAIFE, Robert (2012). Between-day reliability of time-to-contact measures used to assess postural stability. Gait & Posture, 35 (2), 345-347.

BARNES, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan and MILNER, Clare E (2011). Fore-and rearfoot kinematics in high- and low-arched individuals during running. Foot and Ankle International, 32 (7), 710-716.

DUNN, Marcus, GOODWILL, Simon, WHEAT, Jonathan and HAAKE, Steve (2011). Assessing tennis player interactions with tennis courts. Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences, 11 (Supp.2), 859-862.

OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew, DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan and HART, John (2011). The use of geometric shapes in estimating the geometry of body segments. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 (supp.2), S24-S25.

HADDAD , J. M., VAN EMMERIK, R. E. A., WHEAT, J. S., HAMILL, J. and SNAPP-CHILDS, W. (2010). Relative phase coordination analysis in the assessment of dynamic gait symmetry. Journal of applied biomechanics, 26 (1), 109-113.

BARNES, A., WHEAT, J. and MILNER, C. E. (2010). Use of gait sandals for measuring rearfoot and shank motion during running. Gait & posture, 32 (1), 133-135.

HADDAD, J. M., EMMERIK, R. E. A., WHEAT, J. S. and HAMILL, J. (2008). Developmental changes in the dynamical structure of postural sway during a precision fitting task. Experimental brain research, 190 (4), 431-441.

BARNES, A., WHEAT, J. and MILNER, C. (2007). Association between foot type and tibial stress injuries: a systematic review. British journal of sports medicine, 42 (2), 93-98.

BARTLETT, R., WHEAT, J. and ROBINS, M. (2007). Is movement variability important for sports biomechanists? Sports biomechanics, 6 (2), 224-243.

WHEAT, J. S., VERNON, T. and MILNER, C. E. (2007). The measurement of upper body alignment during the golf drive. Journal of sports sciences, 25 (7), 749-755.

Book Section

BUTTON, Chris, WHEAT, Jonathan and LAMB, Peter (2014). Why coordination dynamics is relevant for studying sport performance. In: DAVIDS, Keith, HRISTOVSKI, Robert, ARAUJO, Duarte, SERRE, Natalia Balague, BUTTON, Chris and PASSOS, Pedro, (eds.) Complex Systems in Sport. Routledge research in sport and exercise science . London, Routledge, 44-61.

HENDERSON, A, LAI, D and ALLEN, T (2014). A modern approach to determine the offside law in international football. In: JAMES, David, CHOPPIN, Simon, ALLEN, Tom, WHEAT, Jonathan and FLEMING, Paul, (eds.) The engineering of sport. Procedia engineering, 10 (72). Elsevier, 138-143.

WHEAT, J., HELLER, B. and LOVICK, S. (2009). Computerised games for balance training: a pilot study on collegiate females. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 687-696.

HELLER, B., WHEAT, J. S., MAWSON, S. and WRIGHT, P. (2008). Second lives for the third age: using virtual worlds to encourage exercise participation in older people. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 191-198.

WINTER, Edward, WHEAT, Jonathan and BROWN, Pam (2005). Sport and exercise science. In: HIGGINS, Richard, BRUCKNER, Peter and ENGLISH, Bryan, (eds.) Essential sports medicine. Malden, Mass., Blackwell, 12-21.

WHEAT, J. S. and GLAZIER, P. S. (2005). Measuring coordination and variability in coordination. In: DAVIDS, K., BENNETT, S. and NEWELL, K., (eds.) Movement system variability. Human kinetics, 167-181.

GLAZIER, P., WHEAT, J. S., PEASE, D. L. and BARTLETT, R. M. (2005). The interface between biomechanics and motor control: dynamic systems theory and the functional role of movement variability. In: DAVIDS, K., BENNETT, S. and NEWELL, K., (eds.) Movement system variability. Human kinetics, 49-69.

Conference or Workshop Item

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben and CHOPPIN, Simon (2014). Assessing the suitability of the Microsoft Kinect for calculating person specific body segment parameters. In: 4th IEEE Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision, Zurich, Switzerland, 6th Septmber 2014.

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben, WEBSTER, J and CHOPPIN, Simon (2013). Distortion correction of depth data from consumer depth cameras. In: 3D Body Scanning Conference, Los Angeles, November.

CLARKSON, S, CHOPPIN, S, HART, J, HELLER, B and WHEAT, J (2012). Calculating body segment inertia parameters from a single rapid scan using the Microsoft Kinect. In: 3rd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012.

CHOPPIN, Simon and WHEAT, Jonathan (2012). Marker-less tracking of human movement using Microsoft Kinect. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

DUNN, Marcus, WHEAT, Jonathan, MILLER, Stuart, HAAKE, Steve and GOODWILL, Simon (2012). Reconstructing 2D planar coordinates using linear and nonlinear techniques. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan, CHOPPIN, Simon, HAMILTON, Nick and HELLER, Ben (2012). Wavelet based de-noising of non-stationary kinematic signals. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne, Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew, DOMONE, Sarah and WHEAT, Jonathan (2012). The reliabiliy of trunk segment inertial parameter estimates made from geometric models. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne Australia, 2-6 July 2012.



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