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SAXTON, John M, SCOTT, Emma, DALEY, Amanda J, WOODROOFE, M Nicola, MUTRIE, Nanette, CRANK, Helen, POWERS, Hilary J and COLEMAN, Robert E (2014). Effects of an exercise and hypocaloric healthy eating intervention on indices of psychological health status, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis regulation and immune function after early-stage breast cancer: a randomised controlled trial. Breast Cancer Research, 16 (2), R39.

SCOTT, Emma, DALEY, A J, DOLL , H, WOODROOFE, Nicola, MUTRIE, N, CRANK, Helen, POWERS , H J and SAXTON, John (2013). Effects of an exercise and hyocaloric healthy eating program on biomarkers asociated with long term prognosis after early stage breast cancer:a randomized controlled trial. Cancer Causes and Control, 24 (1), 181-191.

TEW, Garry, MOSS, James, CRANK, Helen, MITCHELL , PAuline A. and NAWAZ, Shah (2012). Endurance exercise training in patients with small abdominal aortic aneurysm : a randomised controlled pilot study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 93 (12), 2148-2153.

BOURKE, Liam, SOHANPAL, R, NANTON, V, CRANK, Helen, ROSARIO, D and SAXTON, John (2012). A qualitative study evaluating experiences of a lifestyle intervention in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen suppression therapy. Trials, 13 (208).

COPELAND, Robert, CRANK, Helen, LYONS, Nicholas Matthew and GIBSON, Debra (2012). Be active: a community based approach to promoting physical activity in overweight individuals. Project Report. SHU. (In Press)

BOURKE, Liam, THOMPSON, G, GIBSON, Debra, DALEY, A, CRANK, Helen, ADAM, I, SHORTHOUSE, A and SAXTON, J (2011). Pragmatic lifestyle intervention in patients recovering from colon cancer: a randomized controlled pilot study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 92 (5), 749-755.

BOURKE, Liam, DOLL, H, CRANK, Helen, DALEY, A, ROSARIO, D and SAXTON, J (2011). Lifestyle intervention in men with advanced prostate cancer receiving androgen suppression therapy: a feasibility study. Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers and prevention, 20 (5), 647-657.

SCOTT, Emma J., DIMAIRO, Munyaradzi, HIND, Daniel, GOYDER, Elizabeth, COPELAND, Robert J., BRECKON, Jeff D., CRANK, Helen, WALTERS, Stephen J., LOBAN, Amanda and COOPER, Cindy L. (2011). "Booster" interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods: internal pilot and feasibility study. BMC Public Health, 11 (129), 1-11.

CAMPBELL, A., STEVINSON, C. and CRANK, Helen (2011). The BASES expert statement on exercise and cancer survivorship. The Sport and Exercise Scientist (28), 16-17.

TEW, Garry, KLONIZAKIS, Markos, CRANK, Helen, BRIERS, JD and HODGES, GJ (2011). Comparison of laser speckle contrast imaging with laser Doppler for assessing microvascular function. Microvascular Research, 82 (3), 326-332.

COPELAND, Robert, CRANK, Helen, HALL, A and MILLBOURN, A (2010). Be Active: promoting physical activity in overweight people. Practice nursing, 21 (11), 569-573.

O'DONOVAN, G., BLAZEVICH, A. J., BOREHAM, C., COOPER, A. R., CRANK, H., EKELUND, U., FOX, K. R., GATELY, P., GILES-CORTI, B., GILL, J. M. R., HAMER, M., MCDERMOTT, I., MURPHY, M., MUTRIE, N., REILLY, J. J., SAXTON, J. and STAMATAKIS, E. (2010). The ABC of physical activity for health: a consensus statement from the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Journal of sport sciences, 28 (6), 573-591.

HIND, D., SCOTT, E. J., COPELAND, R., BRECKON, J., CRANK, H., WALTERS, S. J., BRAZIER, J. E., NICHOLL, J., COOPER, C. and GOYDER, E. (2010). A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation of "booster" interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods. BMC Public Health, 10 (3).

DALEY, A. J., CRANK, H., MUTRIE, N., SAXTON, J. M. and COLEMAN, R. (2007). Patient recruitment into a randomised controlled trial of supervised exercise therapy in sedentary women treated for breast cancer. Contemporary clinical trials, 28 (5), 603-613.

DALEY, A. J., CRANK, H., SAXTON, J. M., MUTRIE, N., COLEMAN, R. and ROALFE, A. (2007). Randomized trial of exercise therapy in women treated for breast cancer. Journal of clinical oncology, 25 (13), 1713-1721.

SAXTON, J. M., DALEY, A., WOODROOFE, N., COLEMAN, R., POWERS, H., MUTRIE, N., SIDDALL, V. and CRANK, H. (2006). Study protocol to investigate the effect of a lifestyle intervention on body weight, psychological health status and risk factors associated with disease recurrence in women recovering from breast cancer treatment. BMC cancer, 6.

DALEY, A. J., MUTRIE, N., CRANK, H., COLEMAN, R. and SAXTON, J. (2004). Exercise therapy in women who have had breast cancer: design of the Sheffield women's exercise and well-being project. Health education research, 19 (6), 686-697.

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