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KELLY, Daniel M, NETTLESHIP, Joanne E, AKHTAR, Samia, MURALEEDHARAN, Vakkat, SELLERS, Donna, BROOKE, Jonathan C, MCLAREN, David S, CHANNER, Kevin S and JONES, T Hugh (2014). Testosterone suppresses the expression of regulatory enzymes of fatty acid synthesis and protects against hepatic steatosis in cholesterol-fed androgen deficient mice. Life sciences, 109 (2), 95-103.

COLLINS, V M, DALY, D M, LIASKOS, M, MCKAY, Neil, SELLERS, Donna, CHAPPLE, C and GRUNDY, D (2013). OnabotulinumtoxinA significantly attenuates bladder afferent nerve firing and inhibits ATP release from the urothelium. British journal of urology international, 112 (7), 1018-1026.

VAHABI, B, LAWSON, Kim, MCKAY, Neil and SELLERS, Donna (2011). Phasic activity of urinary bladder smooth muscle in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat: effect of potassium channel modulators. European Journal of Pharmacology, 660 (2-3), 431-437.

STOLZING, A., SELLERS, D., LLEWELYN, O. and SCUTT, A. (2010). Diabetes induced changes in rat Mesenchymal stem cells. Cells tissues organs, 191 (6), 453-465.

VAHABI, B, LAWSON, Kim, MCKAY, Neil and SELLERS, Donna (2009). Cholinergic modulation of spontaneous activity in bladder strips from the diabetic rat : effect of the mucosa. European Eurology Supplements, 8 (4), p. 177.

BEYAK, M J, BULMER, D C E, SELLERS, Donna and GRUNDY, D (2009). Impairment of rectal afferent mechanosensitivity in experimental diabetes in the rat. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 21 (6), 678-681.

VAHABI, B., MCKAY, Neil, LAWSON, Kim and SELLERS, Donna (2008). Identification of C-Kit positive cells in rat urinary bladder and characterization of their functional role in spontaneous activity in control and diabetic bladders. European Eurology Supplements, 7 (3), p. 181.

SELLERS, Donna, MCKAY, Neil and LAWSON, Kim (2008). Inhibitory effect of cromakalim on muscarinic receptor-stimulated spontaneous activity in diabetic rat bladder. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology, 22 (Suppl), p34.

WOODROOFE, Nicola Woodroofe, SELLERS, Donna, CHANNER, KS and KELLY, DM (2008). Investigating the role of testosterone and inflammation in atherosclerosis. Immunology, 125 (1), 116-117.

MURAKAMI, S., CHAPPLE, C. R., AKINO, H., SELLERS, D. J. and CHESS-WILLIAMS, R. (2006). The role of the urothelium in mediating bladder responses to isoprenaline. BJU international, 99 (3), 669-673.

SELLERS, D. J., CHAPPLE, C. R., HAY, D. P. W. and CHESS-WILLIAMS, R. (2005). Depressed contractile responses to neurokinin A in idiopathic but not neurogenic overactive human detrusor muscle. European urology, 49 (3), 510-518.

CHAPPLE, C. R., RADLEY, S. C., MARTIN, S. W., SELLERS, D. J. and CHESS-WILLIAMS, R. (2003). Serotonin-induced potentiation of cholinergic responses to electrical field stimulation in normal and neurogenic overactive human detrusor muscle. BJU international, 93 (4), 599-604.

GOPALAKRISHNAN, M., BUCKNER, S. A., WHITEAKER, K. L., SHIEH, C. C., MOLINARI, E. J., MILICIC, I., DAZA, A. V., DAVIS-TABER, R., SCOTT, V. E., SELLERS, D. J., CHESS-WILLIAMS, R., CHAPPLE, C. R., LIU, Y., LIU, D., BRIONI, J. D., SULLIVAN, J. P., WILLIAMS, M., CARROLL, W. A. and COGHLAN, M. J. (2002). ()-(9S)-9-(3-Bromo-4-fluorophenyl)-2,3,5,6,7,9-hexahydrothieno[3,2-b]quinolin-8(4H)-one 1,1-dioxide (A-278637): a novel ATP-sensitive potassium channel opener efficacious in suppressing urinary bladder contractions. I. In vitro characterization. Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, 303 (1), 379-386.

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