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POWELL-HOYLAND, Vanessa, HOMER, Catherine, TOD, Angela, NELSON, Pete, CRONIN DE CHAVEZ, Anna and STOCKS, Amanda (2016). Cold Snaps - children’s health in a cold, damp home : influencing policy and practice. People, place and policy online, 10 (1).

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BANKS, S, ALLMARK, Peter, BARNES, Marian, BARR, Hugh, BRYANT, Laurie, MALCOLM, Cowburn, DESAI, Suki, FUREY, Rosemary, KAY, Janet, MCCLIMENS, Alex, NELSON, Pete, NUTTING, Charlotte, SAMPSON, Chris, TOD, Angela, THOMPSON, Andrew, STANLEY, David, TAYLOR, Imogen and WARD, Nicki (2011). Interprofessional ethics: a developing field? Notes from the Ethics and Social Welfare Conference, Sheffield, UK, May 2010. Ethics and Social Welfare, 4 (3), 280-296.

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Book Section

FORMBY, Eleanor (2014). The emotional health and wellbeing of young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. In: TOD, Angela and HIRST, Julia, (eds.) Health and inequality: applying public health research to policy and practice. Abingdon, Routledge, 62-71.

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Conference or Workshop Item

HOMER, Catherine and TOD, Angela (2014). Seeking normality from bariatric surgery. In: 21st European Congress on Obesity, Sofia, Bulgaria, 28-31 May 2014.

HOMER, Catherine and TOD, Angela (2014). Social networking and bariatric surgery : support or sabotage. In: 21st European Congress of Obesity, Sofia, Bulgaria, 28-31 May 2014.

HOMER, Catherine, TOD, Angela, ALLMARK, Peter, BHANBHRO, Sadiq and IBBOTSON, Rachel (2014). Weight gain after a stroke : the issue and control. In: RCN 2014 Annual International Nursing Research Conference, Glasgow, 2-4 April 2014.

HOMER, Catherine, ALLMARK, Peter, BHANBHRO, Sadiq, IBBOTSON, Rachel and TOD, Angela (2014). Long term weight gain following stroke : exploring incidence and explanations. In: BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, 10-12 September 2014. (Submitted)

HOMER, Catherine V and TOD, Angela M (2013). Expectations of bariatric surgery: myths and reality. In: European Congress on Obesity, Liverpool, 12-15th May 2013. (Unpublished)

HOMER, Catherine and TOD, Angela (2012). The weight loss surgery journey: a view from the patients' side of the lens. In: 18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference, Montreal, 23-25 October 2012. (Submitted)

HOMER, Catherine and TOD, Angela (2012). What is the experience of obese people undergoing bariatric surgery in the UK? In: BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference 2012, University of Leicester, 5-7th September 2012.

Edited Book

TOD, Angela and HIRST, Julia, eds. (2014). Health and inequality: applying public health research to policy and practice. London, Routledge.


ROSS, Helen. (2015). Understanding and achieving person-centred care in an acute medical ward setting. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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