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CRAIG, Claire and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2017). Designing health technology: the ethical dimension. In: DASTBAZ, Mohammad, ARABNIA, Hamid and AKHGAR, Babak, (eds.) Technology for smart futures. London, Springer. (In Press)

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and CRAIG, Claire (2017). HOSPITAbLe: Critical design and the domestication of healthcare. In: Research Through Design 2017 Proceedings. Research Through Design.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and CRAIG, Claire (2016). A design primer for the domestication of health technologies. In: LLOYD, Peter and BOHEMIA, Erik, (eds.) Proceedings of DRS2016: Design + Research + Society - Future-Focused Thinking. London, Design Research Society, 1499-1514.

CRAIG, Claire, GUBLER, Ursi and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2016). Exhibition in a box : uncovering occupational identity through objects. In: 40th College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference, Harrogate, 28th-30th June 2016.

CRAIG, Claire and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2016). Digital health : promoting or preventing access to care? In: 1st COTEC-ENOTHE Congress, Galway, Ireland, 15-19 June 2016.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul, CRAIG, Claire and DEXTER, Matt (2016). InTacT: Insights into Telehealth and Care Technologies. In: LANGDON, Pat, LAZAR, Jonathan, HEYLIGHEN, Ann and DONG, Hua, (eds.) Designing around people : CWUAAT 2016. Switzerland, Springer, 85-94.

LANGLEY, Joe, WOLSTENHOLME, Dan, CRAIG, Claire and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2015). EngagingAging : meaningful participation for older people in research and innovation. In: Innovation Learning Network Ageing Series (part of the Virtual Thursday programme), 20/08/2015. (Unpublished)

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul, WOLSTENHOLME, Daniel and DEXTER, Matt (2015). The state of the art of design theory and practice in health : an expert-led review of the extent of the art and design theory and practice in health and social care. Project Report. UK, Sheffield Hallam Univeristy. (In Press)

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and DIENG, Patricia (2013). How does it feel? Tactile interpretations of visual symbols. In: NG, Annie W Y and CHAN, Alan H.S., (eds.) Signs and symbols for workplace and public use. Hauppauge, New York, Nova Science Publishers, 147-162.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and YOXALL, Alaster (2012). Of mice and men : the role of interactive exhibitions as research tools for inclusive design. The Design Journal, 15 (1), 57-78.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2011). Exhibition in a box. [Artefact]

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul, REED, Heath, BURTON, Maria and MOUNTAIN, Gail (2011). Future bathroom: A study of user-centred design principles affecting usability, safety and satisfaction in bathrooms for people living with disabilities. In: Research and development work relating to assistive technology 2010-11. Department of Health, 28-29.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul, REED, Heath, BURTON, Maria and MOUNTAIN, Gail (2011). ‘Future Bathroom’, What to make? Or How to Make? Challenges in meeting sustainable needs. In: BARTOLO, H., (ed.) Sustainable Intelligent manufacturing. Portugal, IST Press, 777-784.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and DIENG, Patricia (2011). Looking Good, Feeling Good – Tac Map: a navigation system for the blind. In: The role of inclusive design in making social innovation happen. RCA.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2011). engagingaging. [Show/Exhibition]

BURTON, Maria, REED, Heath and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2011). Age-related disability and bathroom use. Journal of Integrated Care, 19 (1), 37-43.

YOXALL, Alaster, HELLER, Ben and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2011). Oom Bop Bop Good Vibrations: the use of sensory feedback to create motion inhibition. In: Include 2011, Royal College of Art, London, 18-20 April 2011.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2010). Horses, elephants and camels… : challenges and barriers to interdisciplinary user-centred design research. In: MARJANOVIC, D, STORGA, M, PAVKOVIC, N and BOJCETIC, N, (eds.) DS 60 : Proceedings of DESIGN 2010, the 11th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Design Society, 163-172.

BOWEN, Simon and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2008). Engaging the ageing: designing artefacts to provoke dialogue. In: LANGDON, Patrick, CLARKSON, John and ROBINSON, Peter, (eds.) Designing inclusive futures. London, Springer, 35-44.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2007). Beyond branding : how design research through engagement with industry can establish status within the academy and provide products with more meaning and significance. In: COLLINA, Luisa and SCULLICA, Francesco, (eds.) Designing designers : unbranded design for for new user expectations, in East and West. Milan, Edizioni POLI.Design, 35-40.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul, GARDNER, Peter and LAWTON, Rebecca (2007). Shape of things to come. In: MICHEL, Ralf, (ed.) Design research now - essays and selected projects. Birkhaeuser-Springer, 99-116.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and RODDIS, Jim (2005). Regenerate: a case study of a collaborative design research led new product development. In: Joining forces: Design research, industries and a new interface for competiveness, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, 22-24 September 2005.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and RODDIS, Jim (2003). Making sense : a case study of a collaborative design-led new product development for the sensorily impaired. The Design Journal, 6 (1), 40-51.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2003). Non-Luer medical connection system. Sheffield Hallam University. (Unpublished)

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (1994). Rib Chair. [Show/Exhibition]

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (1992). Oyster Stool seating for Heathrow Airport. In: PUTTMAN, Andre, (ed.) International Design Yearbook: 1992. London, Thames and Hudson.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul and CHRISTIAN, Peter (1986). RIB chair. [Artefact]

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