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ROCHA, Joel, PAXMAN, Jenny, DALTON, Caroline, WINTER, Edward and BROOM, David (2016). Effects of a 12-week aerobic exercise intervention on eating behaviour, food cravings and 7-day energy intake and energy expenditure in inactive men. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. (In Press)

GILBERT, Stephen E, TEW, Garry A, FAIRHURST, Caroline, BOURKE, Liam, SAXTON, John M, WINTER, Edward M and ROSARIO, Derek J (2016). Effects of a lifestyle intervention on endothelial function in men on long-term androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer. British journal of cancer, 114 (4), 401-408.

RUDDOCK, Alan, WILSON, D, HEMBROUGH, Dave and WINTER, Edward (2015). Strength and conditioning training for professional boxing. Strength and Conditioning Journal. (In Press)

RUDDOCK, Alan and WINTER, Edward (2015). Jumping depends on impulse not power. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (6), 584-585.

ROCHA, Joel, PAXMAN, Jenny, DALTON, Caroline, WINTER, Edward and BROOM, David (2015). Effects of an acute bout of aerobic exercise on immediate and subsequent three-day food intake and energy expenditure in active and inactive pre-menopausal women taking oral contraceptives. Appetite, 89 (1), 183-191.

MOSS, James, TEW, Garry Alan, COPELAND, Robert James, STOUT, Martin, BILLINGS, Catherine Grant, SAXTON, John Michael, WINTER, Edward Mitchell and BIANCHI, Stephen Mark (2014). Effects of a pragmatic lifestyle intervention for reducing body mass in obese adults with obstructive sleep apnoea: a randomised controlled trial. BioMed Research International, 2014 (102164), 1-8.

WINTER, Edward, ABT, Grant and NEVILL, Alan (2014). Metrics of meaningfulness as opposed to sleights of significance. Journal of Sports Sciences, 32 (10), 901-902.

WINTER, Edward and NEVILL, Alan (2014). You've told me what you have found, but you haven't told me the so-what. Journal of Sports Sciences, 32 (1), p. 1.

RANCHORDAS, Mayur, ROGERSON, David, RUDDOCK, Alan, KILLER, Sophie and WINTER, Edward (2013). Nutrition for tennis : practical recommendations. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 12, 211-224.

WILKINSON, M, COOKE, M, MURRAY, S, THOMPSON, KG, ST CLAIR GIBSON, A and WINTER, Edward (2012). Physiological correlates of multiple-sprint ability and performance in international-standard squash players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26 (2), 540-547.

KLONIZAKIS, M and WINTER, Edward (2011). Effects of arm-cranking exercise in cutaneous microcirculation in older, sedentary people. Microvascular Research, 81 (3), 331-336.

WINTER, Edward (2011). Challenges faced by editors. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 (4), 327-328.

FORD, P, BAILEY, R, COLEMAN, D, STRETCH, D, WINTER, Edward, WOOLF-MAY, K and SWAINE, I (2010). Energy expenditure and perceived effort during brisk walking and running in 8- to 10-year-old children. Paediatric Exercise Science, 22 (4), 569-580.

NEVILL, A. M., WINTER, E., INGHAM, S., WATTS, A., METSIOS, G. S. and STEWART, A. D. (2010). Adjusting athletes' body mass index to better reflect adiposity in epidemiological research. Journal of sport sciences, 28 (9), 1009-1016.

KEMPTON, M. J., ETTINGER, U., SCHMECHTIG, A., WINTER, E. M., SMITH, L., MCMORRIS, T., WILKINSON, I. D., WILLIAMS, S. C. R. and SMITH, M. S. (2009). Effects of acute dehydration on brain morphology in healthy humans. Human brain mapping, 30 (1), 291-298.

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WILKINSON, M., LEEDALE-BROWN, D. and WINTER, E. (2009). Validity of a squash-specific fitness test. International journal of sports physiology and performance, 4 (1), 29-40.

WILKINSON, M., LEEDALE-BROWN, D. and WINTER, E. (2009). Validity of a squash-specific test of change-of-direction speed. International journal of sports physiology and performance, 4 (2), 176-185.

NEVILL, A. M., BALMER, N. J. and WINTER, E. M. (2009). Why Great Britain's success in Beijing could have been anticipated and why it should continue beyond 2012. Journal of sport sciences, 43 (14), 1108-1110.

KONSTANTAKI, M., WINTER, E. M. and SWAINE, I. L. (2008). Effects of arms-only swimming training on performance, movement economy and aerobic power. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 3 (3), 294-304.

WILKINSON, I. D., MITCHELL, N., BREIVIK, S., GREENWOOD, P., GRIFFITHS, P. D., WINTER, E. M. and VAN BEEK, E. J. R. (2006). Effects of creatine supplementation on cerebral white matter in competitive sportsmen. Clinical journal of sport medicine, 16 (1), 63-67.

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DICKSON, J. M., WEAVERS, H. M., MITCHELL, N., WINTER, E. M., WILKINSON, I. D., VAN BEEK, E. J. R., WILD, J. M. and GRIFFITHS, P. D. (2005). The effects of dehydration on brain volume - preliminary results. International journal of sports medicine, 26 (6), 481-485.

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AMARA, C. E., RICE, C. L., KOVAL, J. J., PATERSON, D. H., WINTER, E. M. and CUNNINGHAM, D. A. (2003). Allometric scaling of strength in an independently living population age 55-86 years. American journal of human biology, 15 (1), 48-60.

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SAXTON, J. M., CLAXTON, D., WINTER, E. and POCKLEY, A. G. (2003). Peripheral blood leucocyte functional responses to acute eccentric exercise in humans are influenced by systemic stress, but not by exercise-induced muscle damage. Clinical science, 104 (1), 69-77.

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