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REEVE, Hester (2016). Live code, live art and the BwO dissection. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 12 (2), 152-162.

REEVE, Hester (2016). Sollemne Enim est Bibliotheca. (Ceremony for the Library). [Artefact]

REEVE, Hester (2016). Live code, live art and the body without organs dissection. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 12 (2). (In Press)

BAILY, Rowan and REEVE, Hester (2014). Sculptural Substance. Journal of writing in creative practice, 7 (3), 545-556.


REEVE, Hester (2016). The Stoned Tongue. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Of Sound in the Landing Page. [Performance]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Body I am and ‘book’ is just another word for the body. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Ymedaca. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

REEVE, Hester (2015). Burning to Speak. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). The Life Voyager's Tea Service. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). 'Nietzsche Salutes HRH.the'. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Performance Art + non knowledge Hester Reeve: On the Good. In: BLOHM, Manfred and MARK, Elke, (eds.) Formen der Wissensgenerierung : Practices in Performance Art.'. Germany, ATHENA, 75-78.

REEVE, Hester (2014). Ymedaca. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester, PLENDER, Olivia and CHAMBERS, Emma (2013). Sylvia Pankhurst : The Suffragette as a Militant Artist. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2013). The 'B' in Philosophy. Conference Paper "What is Performance Philosophy?". (Unpublished)

REEVE, Hester (2012). Virtuouso (dismembered Sonata for Hannah Arendt). [Performance]

REEVE, Hester and MCLEAN, Alex (2012). Live Notation ("RockspaceStar"). [Performance]

REEVE, Hester and PLENDER, Olivia (2010). The Emily Davison Lodge - "Out of the Archives". [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2009). The Cannonisation of HRH.the. [Show/Exhibition]


REEVE HESTER, Reeve Hester (2015). The Artist Lives! Long Live the Artist! [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2011). Come into my House. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2010). "No Agenda" (David Bohm's Dialogue). In: BRUNE, Jens Peter, GRONKE, Horst and KROHN, Dieter, (eds.) The challenge of dialogue : socratic dialogue and other forms of dialogue in different political systems and cultures. Series on Socratic Philosophizing (12). Berlin, LIT, 97-112.

REEVE, Hester (2009). Guest: Olivia Plender; Host: Hester Reeve. Transmission : Host : 2009 : Stranger. . London, Artwords Press.

REEVE, Hester (2008). Head hunting art : the artist-philosopher and the value of incorporating philosophy within the education of practicing artists. The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 2 (6), 1-8.

REEVE, Hester (2008). Weighting for the Return of the Image I, II & III. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2008). Guest: Brain Catling ; Host: Hester Reeve. Transmission : Host. 2008. . London, Artwords Press.

REEVE, Hester, BAYLY, Simon, DIKEN, Bulent and TREHY, Tony (2005). Art on Terror. Transmission : The Rules of Engagement . London, Artwords Press.

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