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HART, John, POTTS, Jonathan and JAMES, David (2018). Comparison of turbulence modelling approaches in simulation of a feather shuttle; a porous conical bluff body. Sports Engineering, 21 (4), 465-478.

ELLIOTT, Nathan, CHOPPIN, Simon, GOODWILL, Simon, SENIOR, Terry, HART, John and ALLEN, Tom (2018). Single view silhouette fitting techniques for estimating tennis racket position. Sports Engineering, 21 (2), 137-147.

DUNN, Marcus, HART, John and JAMES, David (2018). Wearing electronic performance and tracking system devices in Association Football: Potential injury scenarios and associated impact energies. Proceedings, 2 (6), 232-237.

GUIGNARD, Brice, ROUARD, Annie, CHOLLET, Didier, HART, John, DAVIDS, Keith and SEIFERT, Ludovic (2017). Individual-environment interactions in swimming: The smallest unit for analysing the emergence of coordination dynamics in performance? Sports Medicine, 47 (8), 1543-1554.

DELAYE, S, STREETER, P, MORALES, E, WOOD, P, SENIOR, Terry, HART, J and ALLEN, T (2016). Modelling the Sound of a Golf Ball Impacting a Titanium Plate. Procedia engineering, 147, 354-359.

DRISCOLL, Heather, HART, John and ALLEN, Tom (2016). Use of image based sports case studies for teaching mechanics. Procedia engineering, 147, 884-889.

HART, John (2016). Comparison of turbulence modeling approaches to the simulation of a dimpled sphere. Procedia Engineering, 147, 68-73.

DRISCOLL, Heather, BULLAS, Alice, KING, Christina, SENIOR, Terry, HAAKE, Steve and HART, John (2016). Application of Newtonian physics to predict the speed of a gravity racer. Physics Education, 51 (4), 1-7.

PROBST, Heidi, BRAGG, Christopher, DODWELL, David, GREEN, David and HART, John (2014). A systematic review of methods to immobilise breast tissue during adjuvant breast irradiation. Radiography, 20 (1), 70-81.

LUKES, Richard, HART, John, POTTS, Jonathan and HAAKE, Steve (2014). A CFD analysis of flow around a disc. Procedia Engineering, 72, 685-690.

HENRIKSON, Erik, WOOD, Paul and HART, John (2014). Experimental investigation of golf driver club head drag reduction through the use of aerodynamic features on the driver crown. Procedia Engineering, 72, 726-731.

HART, John (2014). Simulation and understanding of the aerodynamic characteristics of a badminton shuttle. Procedia engineering, 72, 768-773.

CLARKSON, S, CHOPPIN, S, HART, J, HELLER, B and WHEAT, J (2012). Calculating body segment inertia parameters from a single rapid scan using the Microsoft Kinect. In: 3rd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012.

JAMES, David, MACDONALD, Danielle C and HART, John (2012). The effect of atmospheric conditions on the swing of a cricket ball. Procedia engineering, 34, 188-193.

PROBST, Heidi, TAYLOR, A, BRAGG, C, DODWELL, D, HAAKE, Steve, HART, John, GREEN, D and SHUTTLEWORTH, P (2012). PO-0956 support positioning and organ registration during breast cancer irradiation : the Support 4 All study. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 103 (S1), S376-S377.

LUKES, Richard, HART, John and HAAKE, Steve (2012). An analytical model for track cycling. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, 226 (2), 143-151.

WHEAT, Jonathan, HART, John, DOMONE, Sarah and OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew (2011). Obtaining body segment inertia parameters using structured light scanning with Microsoft Kinect. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 (s2), 23-24.

WESTERMAN, Julie and HART, John (2011). Fly birdie fly. [Video]

OUTRAM, Thomas Andrew, DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan and HART, John (2011). The use of geometric shapes in estimating the geometry of body segments. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 (supp.2), S24-S25.

ALLEN, T., HART, J., SPURR, J., HAAKE, Steve and GOODWILL, S. R. (2010). Validated dynamic analysis of real sports equipment using finite element; a case study using tennis rackets. Procedia engineering, 2 (2), 3275-3280.

HART, J., ALLEN, T. and HOLROYD, M. (2010). Downhill skateboard aerodynamics. Procedia engineering, 2 (2), 2523-2528.

LARMEN, R., TURNOCK, S. and HART, J. (2008). Mechanics of the bob skeleton and analysis of the variation in performance at the St. Moritz world championship of 2007. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 117-125.

HART, J., HAAKE, Steve, GAZZARA, R. and PEZZATO, M. (2007). Improved aerodynamic design of tennis racket frames. In: MILLER, S. and CAPEL-DAVIS, J., (eds.) Tennis science and technology 3. International tennis federation, 121-127.

HART, J., CURTIS, D. and HAAKE, Steve (2006). Computational fluid dynamic analysis of a water ski jumper. In: MORITZ, E. F. and HAAKE, S., (eds.) Engineering of sport 6. Springer, 401-406.

LUKES, R. A., HART, J. H., CHIN, S. B. and HAAKE, Steve (2005). Validation of computational fluid dynamics applied to aerodynamic flows in sport with specific application to cycling. In: SUBIC, A. and UJIHASHI, S., (eds.) Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific congress on sports technology. Australasian sports technology alliance, 286-291.

LUKES, R. A., HART, J. H., CHIN, S. B. and HAAKE, Steve (2005). The role and validation of CFD applied to cycling. In: Proceedings of the Fluent user group meeting, Warwick, UK. Fluent, 65-75.

HART, J., CURTIS, D., HAMILTON, N. D. R. and HAAKE, Steve (2004). Scanning large geometries for use in computational fluid dynamic analysis. In: HUBBARD, M., MEHTA, R. D. and PALLIS, J. M., (eds.) The engineering of sport 5. International sport engineering association, 601-607.

LUKES, R. A., CHIN, S. B., HART, J. H. and HAAKE, Steve (2004). The aerodynamics of mountain bicycles: the role of computational fluid dynamics. In: HUBBARD, M., MEHTA, R. D. and PALLIS, J. M., (eds.) The engineering of sport 5. International sport engineering association, 104-110.

BULLOUGH, W. A., HART, J. H. and CHIN, S. B. (2003). Comparative studies: CFD, experimental and analytical techniques in the fluids laboratory. International journal of mechanical engineering education, 31 (2), 150-159.

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