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BULLAS, Alice, CHOPPIN, Simon, HELLER, Ben and WHEAT, Jonathan (2016). Validity and repeatability of a depth camera based surface imaging system for thigh volume measurement. Journal of Sports Sciences. (In Press)

SLOVAK, Martin, CHINDO, Joseph, NAIR, Krishnan Padmakumari Sivaraman, REEVES, Mark L., HELLER, Ben and BARKER, Anthony T. (2016). Sensory barrage stimulation in the treatment of elbow spasticity: a crossover double blind randomized pilot trial. Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface, 19 (2), 220-226.

DOMONE, Sarah, LAWRENCE, Daniel, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, Tim, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2016). Optimal fall indicators for slip induced falls on a cross-slope. Ergonomics. (In Press)

LAWRENCE, Daniel, DOMONE, Sarah, HELLER, Ben, HENDRA, T, MAWSON, Sue and WHEAT, Jonathan (2015). Gait adaptations to awareness and experience of a slip when walking on a cross-slope. Gait & Posture, 42 (4), 575-579.

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben and CHOPPIN, Simon (2015). Assessment of a Microsoft Kinect-based 3D scanning system for taking body segment girth measurements : a comparison to ISAK and ISO standards. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (11), 1006-1014.

EVERSON-HOCK, Emma S., GREEN, Mark A., GOYDER, Elizabeth C., COPELAND, Robert J., TILL, Simon H., HELLER, Ben and HART, Ollie (2015). Reducing the impact of physical inactivity: evidence to support the case for targeting people with chronic mental and physical conditions. Journal of Public Health, 37 (2), 1-9.

STORM, F, HELLER, Ben and MAZZA, C (2015). Step detection and activity recognition accuracy of seven physical activity monitors. PLOS ONE, 10 (3), e0118723.

WILLIAMSON, T, KENNEY, L, BARKER, A T, COOPER, G, GOOD, T, HEALEY, J, HELLER, Ben, HOWARD, D, MATTHEWS, M, PRENTON, S, RYAN, J and SMITH, C (2015). Enhancing public involvement in assistive technology design research. Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology, 10 (3), 258-265.

WILLIAMSON, T, KENNEY, L, BARKER, A T, COOPER, G, GOOD, T, HEALEY, J, HELLER, Ben, HOWARD, D, MATTHEWS, M, PRENTON, S, RYAN, J and SMITH, C (2015). Enhancing public involvement in assistive technology design research. Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology, 10 (3), 258-265.

PRENTON, Sarah, KENNEY, Laurence P, STAPLETON, Claire, COOPER, Glen, REEVES, Mark L, HELLER, Ben W, SOBUH, Mohammad, BARKER, Anthony T, HEALEY, Jamie, GOOD, Timothy R, THIES, Sibylle B, HOWARD, David and WILLIAMSON, Tracey (2014). Feasibility study of a take-home array-based functional electrical stimulation system with automated setup for current functional electrical stimulation users with foot-drop. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 95 (10), 1870-1877.

JARCHI, D, WONG, C, KWASNICKI, R M, HELLER, Ben, TEW, G A and YANG, G Z (2014). Gait parameter estimation from a miniaturized ear-worn sensor using singular spectrum analysis and longest common subsequence. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 61 (4), 1261-1273.

HELLER, B, SENIOR, T and WHEAT, J (2014). The Smartfloor : a large area force-measuring floor for investigating dynamic balance and motivating exercise. Procedia Engineering, 72, 226-231.

CURTIS, David, HURT, Georgina and HELLER, Ben (2014). The reliability of a tapping test as an indicator of cricket bat performance. Procedia Engineering, 72, 666-671.

NEBAS, Tim and HELLER, Ben (2014). A smartphone based system for kite and board measurements in kitesurfing. Procedia Engineering, 72, 477-482.

MCSEVENY, Kerry, HELLER, B, LIGHT, Ann and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2013). ‘You could, couldn’t you?’: a preliminary investigation of older people’s interaction with a bespoke virtual environment using a gesture interface. Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, 5 (3), 235-249.

HELLER, Ben, CLARKE, Alison J., GOOD, Timothy R., HEALEY, T. Jamie, NAIR, Siva, PRATT, Emma J., REEVES, Mark L., VAN DER MEULEN, Jill M. and BARKER, Anthony T. (2013). Automated setup of functional electrical stimulation for drop foot using a novel 64 channel prototype stimulator and electrode array : results from a gait-lab based study. Medical Engineering and Physics, 35 (1), 74-81.

PRATT, E J, REEVES, M L, VAN DER MEULEN, J M, HELLER, B and GOOD, T R (2012). The development, preliminary validation and clinical utility of a shoe model to quantify foot and footwear kinematics in 3-D. Gait & Posture, 36 (3), 434-438.

COOPER, Glen, BARKER, Anthony T., HELLER, Ben W., GOOD, Tim, KENNEY, Laurence P. J. and HOWARD, David (2011). The use of hydrogel as an electrode-skin interface for electrode array FES applications. Medical Engineering & Physics, 33 (8), 967-972.

HAAKE, S. J., GOODWILL, S. R., HELLER, B., SCHORAH, D. and GOMEZ, J. (2010). Dynamic modeling of a springboard during a 3 m dive. Procedia engineering, 2 (2), 3299-3304.

GRAHAM, L. E., DATTA, D., HELLER, B. W. and HOWITT, J. (2008). A comparative study of oxygen consumption for conventional and energy-storing prosthetic feet in transfemoral amputees. Clinical Rehabiliation, 22 (10-11), 896-901.

SHA, Ning, KENNEY, Laurence P. J., HELLER, Ben, BARKER, Anthony T., HOWARD, David and MOATAMEDI, Moji (2008). A finite element model to identify electrode influence on current distribution in the skin. Artificial organs, 32 (8), 639-643.

GRAHAM, L. E., DATTA, D., HELLER, B., HOWITT, J. and PROS, D. (2007). A comparative study of conventional and energy-storing prosthetic feet in high-functioning transfemoral amputees. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 88 (6), 801-806.

SHA, N., KENNEY, L. P. J., HELLER, B. W., BARKER, A. T., HOWARD, D. and WANG, W. (2007). The effect of the impedance of a thin hydrogel electrode on sensation during functional electrical stimulation. Medical engineering and physics, 30 (6), 739-746.

SUZUKI, S., HAAKE, S. J. and HELLER, B. (2006). Multiple modulation torque planning for a new golf-swing robot with a skilful wrist turn. Sports engineering, 9 (4), 201-208.

DATTA, D., HELLER, B. and HOWITT, J. (2005). A comparative evaluation of oxygen consumption and gait pattern in amputees using Intelligent Prostheses and conventionally damped knee swing-phase control. Clinical rehabilitation, 19 (4), 398-403.

DATTA, D., HARRIS, I., HELLER, B., HOWITT, J. and MARTIN, R. (2004). Gait, cost and time implications for changing from PTB to ICEX® sockets. Prosthetics and orthotics international, 28 (2), 115-120.

GHAROONI, S., HELLER, B. and TOKHI, M. O. (2001). A new hybrid spring brake orthosis for controlling hip and knee flexion in the swing phase. IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering, 9 (1), 106-107.

HELLER, B. W., DATTA, D. and HOWITT, J. (2000). A pilot study comparing the cognitive demand of walking for transfemoral amputees using the intelligent prosthesis with that using conventionally damped knees. Clinical rehabilitation, 14 (5), 518-522.

HELLER, B. W., GRANAT, M. H. and ANDREWS, B. J. (1996). Swing-through gait with free-knees produced by surface functional electrical stimulation. Paraplegia, 34 (1), 8-15.

ANDREWS, B., GRANAT, M., HELLER, B., MACMAHON, J., KEATING, L. and REAL, S. (1994). Improved harness crutch to reduce upper limb effort in swing-through gait. Medical engineering & physics, 16 (1), 15-18.

GRANAT, M., HELLER, B., NICOL, D., BAXENDALE, R. and ANDREWS, B. (1993). Improving limb flexion in FES gait using the flexion withdrawal response for the spinal cord injured person. Journal of biomedical engineering, 15 (1), 51-56.

HELLER, B., VELTINK, P. H., RIJKHOFF, N. J. M., RUTTEN, W. L. C. and ANDREWS, B. J. (1993). Reconstructing muscle activation during normal walking: a comparison of symbolic and connectionist machine learning techniques. Biological cybernetics, 69 (4), 327-355.

Book Section

FOSTER, L, HELLER, B, GOODWILL, S and CURTIS, D (2014). Visual tracking of a GPS target within a FieldLab. In: The engineering of sport. Procedia Engineering, 10 (72). Elsevier, 168-173.

WHEAT, J., HELLER, B. and LOVICK, S. (2009). Computerised games for balance training: a pilot study on collegiate females. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 687-696.

GOMEZ, J. and HELLER, B. (2008). Dectecting location using sensors based on the 805:15:4 wireless stabdard. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 233-238.

HELLER, B., WHEAT, J. S., MAWSON, S. and WRIGHT, P. (2008). Second lives for the third age: using virtual worlds to encourage exercise participation in older people. In: ESTIVALET, M. and BRISSON, P., (eds.) The engineering of sport 7. Springer, 191-198.

HELLER, B. and HAAKE, S. J. (2006). Pacing lights - a new approach to controlling speed in the gait laboratory. In: MORITZ, E. F. and HAAKE, S. J., (eds.) The engineering of sport 6. Springer, 63-68.

HELLER, B. and HAAKE, S. J. (2005). The SMART sensor project: empowering the user. In: SUBIC, A and UJIHASHI, S, (eds.) Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific congress on sports technology. Australasian sports technology alliance, 412-417.

SUZUKI, S., HAAKE, S. J. and HELLER, B. (2005). Skill analysis of the wrist release in golf swing to utilize shaft elasticity. In: SUBIC, A. and UJIHASHI, S., (eds.) The impact of technology on sport. Australasian sports technology alliance, 188-193.

HELLER, B., HAAKE, S. J. and KIRTLEY, C. (2004). An instrumented insole for measurement of foot motion. In: HUBBARD, M., MEHTA, R. D. and PALLIS, J. M., (eds.) The engineering of sport 5. International sport engineering association, 201-206.

MAYAGIOTIA, R E, DUNTSTON, S C M and HELLER, Ben (1999). Evaluation of balance during activities of daily living. In: BLANCHARD, Susan M., ECKSTEIN, Eugene C., FOUKE, Janie M., NEREM, Robert M. and YOGANATHAN, Ajit P., (eds.) Proceedings of the first joint BMES/EMBS conference. Piscataway, NJ, IEEE EMB, p. 520.

HELLER, Ben, ANDREWS, B.J. and RIIJKHOFF, N.J.M. (1991). Inductive cloning of a state model for normal gait. In: NAGEL, Joachim H. and SMITH, William M., (eds.) Proceedings of the Annual International Conferen of hte IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Part 2/5. Piscataway, NJ, IEEE, 918-919.

Conference or Workshop Item

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben and CHOPPIN, Simon (2014). Assessing the suitability of the Microsoft Kinect for calculating person specific body segment parameters. In: 4th IEEE Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision, Zurich, Switzerland, 6th Septmber 2014.

REED, Heath, LEITAO, Roxanne, HELLER, Ben and DEARDEN, Andrew (2014). Innovage: social innovation 'iStep'. In: 2014 National MND Conference.

CLARKSON, Sean, WHEAT, Jonathan, HELLER, Ben, WEBSTER, J and CHOPPIN, Simon (2013). Distortion correction of depth data from consumer depth cameras. In: 3D Body Scanning Conference, Los Angeles, November.

CLARKSON, S, CHOPPIN, S, HART, J, HELLER, B and WHEAT, J (2012). Calculating body segment inertia parameters from a single rapid scan using the Microsoft Kinect. In: 3rd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012.

DOMONE, Sarah, WHEAT, Jonathan, CHOPPIN, Simon, HAMILTON, Nick and HELLER, Ben (2012). Wavelet based de-noising of non-stationary kinematic signals. In: 30th Annual Conference of Biomechanics in Sports, Melbourne, Australia, 2-6 July 2012.

SENEVIRATHNE, S G, KODAGODA, M, KADLE, V, HAAKE, S J, SENIOR, T and HELLER, B W (2011). Application of serious games to sport, health and exercise. In: Proceedings of the 6th SLIIT Research Symposium, Sri Lanka, 27 January, 2011.

YOXALL, Alaster, HELLER, Ben and CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (2011). Oom Bop Bop Good Vibrations: the use of sensory feedback to create motion inhibition. In: Include 2011, Royal College of Art, London, 18-20 April 2011.

REEVES, M., HELLER, B. W., GOOD, T., HEALEY, T. J., VAN DER MEULEN, J., CLARKE, A., PRATT, E., NAIR, K. P. S. and BARKER, A. T. (2010). SHEFSTIM: A clinical trail of self-tuning array stimulation for foot-drop. In: 1st annual conference of the International functional electrical stimulation society (UK and Ireland chapter), Manchester, 15-16 April 2010. (Unpublished)

HELLER, B. W., GOOD, T., HEALEY, T. J. and BARKER, A. T. (2010). A novel, portable 64 channel surface array stimulator. In: 1st annual conference of the International functional electrical stimulation society (UK and Ireland chapter), Manchester, 15-16 April 2010. (Unpublished)

HELLER, Ben, BAKER, T, SHA, N, NEWMAN, J and HARRON, E (2003). Improved control of ankle movement using an array of mini-electrodes. In: FES User Day Conference, Birmingham UK, December 2003. (Unpublished)


GENT, Susannah, BURTON, Maria and HELLER, Ben (2012). Physiofun - Engineering for Life. [Image] (Unpublished)

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