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CHAMBERS, Eleni, COOK, Sarah, THAKE, Anna, FOSTER, Alexis, SHAW, Sue, HUTTEN, Rebecca, PARRY, Glenys and RICKETTS, Tom (2015). The self-management of longer-term depression: learning from the patient, a qualitative study. BMC Psychiatry, 15 (172), 1-16.


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LEAN, Melanie, LEAVEY, Gerard, KILLASPY, Helen, GREEN, Nicholas, HARRISON, Isobel, COOK, Sarah, CRAIG, Thomas, HOLLOWAY, Frank, ARBUTHNOTT, Maurice and KING, Michael (2015). Barriers to the sustainability of an intervention designed to improve patient engagement within NHS mental health rehabilitation units: a qualitative study nested within a randomised controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 15 (209), 1-10.

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COOK, Sarah (2006). Intervention schedule, occupational therapy for people with psychotic conditions in community settings. Manual. Sheffield Hallam University. (Unpublished)


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COOK, Sarah and CHAMBERS, Eleni (2009). What helps and hinders people with psychotic conditions doing what they want in their daily lives. The British journal of occupational therapy, 72 (6), 238-248.

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