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FRANCESE, Simona (2019). Criminal profiling through MALDI MS based technologies – breaking barriers towards border-free forensic science. Australian journal of forensic sciences.

FRANCESE, Simona (2018). Investigation of infinite focus microscopy for the determination of the association of blood with fingermarks. Science & Justice, 58 (6), 397-404.

FLINDERS, Bryn, BEASLEY, Emma, VERLAAN, Ricky M., CUYPERS, Eva, FRANCESE, Simona, BASSINDALE, Thomas, CLENCH, Malcolm and HEEREN, Ron M. A. (2017). Optimization of sample preparation and instrumental parameters for the rapid analysis of drugs of abuse in hair samples by MALDI-MS/MS imaging. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 28 (11), 2462-2468.

FRANCESE, Simona, BRADSHAW, Robert and DENISON, Neil (2017). An update on MALDI Mass Spectrometry based technology for the analysis of fingermarks - stepping into operational deployment. The Analyst, 142, 2518-2546.

BRADSHAW, Robert, DENISON, N. and FRANCESE, Simona (2017). Implementation of MALDI MS profiling and imaging methods for the analysis of real crime scene fingermarks. Analyst, 142 (9), 1581-1590.

BEASLEY, Emma, FRANCESE, Simona and BASSINDALE, Thomas (2016). Detection and mapping of Cannabinoids in single hair samples through rapid derivatization- Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry, 88 (20), 10328-10334.

WALLER, Rachel, WOODROOFE, Nicola, WHARTON, Stephen B., INCE, Paul G., FRANCESE, Simona, HEATH, Paul R., CUDZICH-MADRY, A, THOMAS, Ruth, ROUNDING, Natalie, SHARRACK, Basil and SIMPSON, Julie E. (2016). Gene expression profiling of the astrocyte transcriptome in multiple sclerosis normal appearing white matter reveals a neuroprotective role. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 299, 139-146.

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MITCHELL, Christopher A., DONALDSON, Michael, FRANCESE, Simona and CLENCH, Malcolm (2016). MALDI MSI analysis of lipid changes in living skin equivalents in response to emollient creams containing palmitoylethanolamide. Methods, 104, 93-100.

DEININGER, Lisa, PATEL, Ekta, CLENCH, Malcolm R., SEARS, Vaughn, SAMMON, Chris and FRANCESE, Simona (2016). Proteomics goes forensic: detection and mapping of blood signatures in fingermarks. Proteomics, 16 (11-12), 1707-1717.

REED, Heath, STANTON, Andrew, WHEAT, Jonathan, KELLEY, John, DAVIS, L., RAO, W, SMITH, A, OWEN, D and FRANCESE, Simona (2015). The Reed-Stanton press rig for the generation of reproducible fingermarks : towards a standardised methodology for fingermark research. Science & justice, 56 (1), 9-17.

GROENEVELD, G, DE PUIT, M, BLEAY, S, BRADSHAW, Robert and FRANCESE, Simona (2015). Detection and mapping of illicit drugs and their metabolites in fingermarks by MALDI MS and compatibility with forensic techniques. Scientific Reports, 5 (11716).

BAILEY, Melanie J., BRADSHAW, Robert, FRANCESE, Simona, SALTER, Tara L., COSTA, Catia, ISMAIL, Mahado, P. WEBB, Roger, BOSMAN, Ingrid, WOLFF, Kim and DE PUIT, Marcel (2015). Rapid detection of cocaine, benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine in fingerprints using surface mass spectrometry. Analyst, 140 (18), 6254-6259.

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DJIDJA, Marie-Claude, FRANCESE, Simona, CLAUDE, Emmanuelle, LOADMAN, Paul, SUTTON, Chris, SHYNDER, Steve, COOPER, Patricia, PATTERSON, Laurence H, CAROLAN, Vikki and CLENCH, Malcolm (2013). Targeting of Hypoxia in AQ4N-treated Tumour Xenografts by MALDI-Ion Mobility Separation-Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Current Analytical Chemistry, 9 (2), 212-225.

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SEPPALA, Ulla, FRANCESE, Simona, TURILLAZI, Stefano, MONETI, Gloriano, CLENCH, Malcolm and BARBER, Domingo (2012). In situ imaging of honeybee (Apis mellifera) venom components from aqueous and aluminum hydroxide-adsorbed venom immunotherapy preparations. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 129 (5), 1314-1320.

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AVERY, Jennie L., MCKEWEN, Andrew, FLINDERS, Bryn, FRANCESE, Simona and CLENCH, Malcolm (2011). Matrix assisted laser desorption mass spectrometry imaging for the examination of imipramine absorption by straticell-RHE-EPI/001 an artificial model of the human epidermis. Xenobiotica, 41 (8), pp 735-742.

DANI, F. R., MICHELUCCI, E., FRANCESE, S., MASTROBUONI, G., CAPPELLOZZA, S., LA MARCA, G., NICCOLINI, A., FELICIOLI, A., MONETI, G. and PELOSI, P. (2011). Odorant-Binding Proteins and Chemosensory Proteins in Pheromone Detection and Release in the Silkmoth Bombyx mori. Chemical senses.

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DONNINI, S, FINETTI, F, FRANCESE, Simona, BOSCARO, F, DANI, F, MASET, F, FRASSON, R, PLAMIERI, M, PAZZAGLI, M, DE FILIPPIS, V, GARACI, E and ZICHE, M (2011). A novel protein from the serum of Python sebae, structurally homologous to γ-phospholipase A2 inhibitor, displays antitumor activity. Biochemical Journal, 440 (2), 251-262.

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Book Section

REED, Heath, STANTON, Andrew and FRANCESE, Simona (2014). Design as mediation. In: Designa 2013 : interface. Proceedings. Covilha, Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI), 191-208.

FRANCESE, S. and CLENCH, M. R. (2010). MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging, a New Frontier in Biostructural Techniques: Applications in Biomedicine. In: SHAH, H. N. and GHARBIA, S. E., (eds.) Mass Spectrometry for Microbial Proteomics. Wiley, 91-116.


DEININGER, Lisa (2018). Multi-Informative and Specific Detection of Blood in Fingermarks via MALDI-MS Based Strategies. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

MARTIN, Scott. (2016). Identification and mechanistic study of novel drug metabolites by LC-MS. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

HART, Philippa Jayne. (2012). MALDI-MS investigation of skin and its response to irritants and sensitisers. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..



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