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TRIM, P. J., DJIDJA, M. C., ATKINSON, S. J., OAKES, K., COLE, L. M., ANDERSON, D. M. G., HART, P. J., FRANCESE, S. and CLENCH, M. R. (2010). Introduction of a 20 kHz Nd:YVO4 laser into a hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer for MALDI-MS imaging. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 397 (8), 3409-3419.

ATKINSON, Sally, AKHGAR, Babak, RAHMAN, Fazilatur, SIDDIQI, Jawed I. A., HOLT, Mary, PINKERTON, Mike and JAMES, Brian (2009). Applied health informatics for diagnosis of multi-factorial diseases. In: ARABNIA, Hamid R., HASHEMI, Ray R. and MOXLEY, Frederick I., (eds.) IKE 2009 : Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering. CSREA Press, 571-575.

AKHGAR, B., RAHMAN, F., JOPEK, L., SIDDIQI, J., ATKINSON, S., SAVOLDELLI, A., PRATO, D., MONTRUCCHIO, S., GUELLA, F., JAMES, B., PINKERTON, M. and VILMOS, A. (2009). Creating a LOC based portable health-care platform using a universal mobile NFC host environment. In: 2nd International Conference on Health Informatics (HEALTHINF 2009), Oporto, Portugal, 14-17 January, 2009.

SIDDIQI, J., AKHGAR, B., RAHMAN, F., ATKINSON, S., SAVOLDELLI, A., ARICI, S., BERTELE, P., JAMES, B. and PINKERTON, M. (2009). Towards an integrated platform for improving hospital risk management. In: 6th International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG 2009), Las Vegas, 27-29 April, 2009.

AKHGAR, Babak, RAHMAN, Fazilatur, JOPEK, Lukasz, SIDDIQI, Jawed, ATKINSON, Sally, SALVODELI, Alberto, PRATO, Doris, MONTRUCCHIO, Secondo, GUELLA, Federico, JAMES, Brian, PINKERTON, Mike and VILMOS, AndrĂ¡s (2008). Leveraging StoLPaN host environment for portable diagnostic health-care platform. In: ARABNIA, Hamid and HASHEMI, Ray R., (eds.) IKE 2008 : proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering. CSREA Press, 411-416.

ATKINSON, Sally, AKHGAR, Babak, SIDDIQI, Jawed, GRUDZ, Alicia, IHATOWICZ, Alexandra, GULISANO, Massimo, MEMEO, Lorenzo and SCRIVENS, Peter (2008). MATCH : a decision support system for integration of biomedical data. In: ARABNIA, Hamid R., YANG, Mary Qu and YANG, Jack Y., (eds.) BIOCOMP 2008 proceedings international conference bioinformatics and computational biology. Las Vegas, Nev., CSREA,, 294-297.

TRIM, P. J., ATKINSON, S. J., PRINCIVALLE, A. P., MARSHALL, P. S., WEST, A. and CLENCH, M. R. (2008). Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging of lipids in rat brain tissue with integrated unsupervised and supervised multivariant statistical analysis. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 22 (10), 1503-1509.

ATKINSON, S. J., LOADMAN, P. M., SUTTON, C., PATTERSON, L. H. and CLENCH, M. R. (2007). Examination of the distribution of the bioreductive drug AQ4N and its active metabolite AQ4 in solid tumours by imaging matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry. Rapid communications in mass spectrometry, 21 (7), 1271-1276.

PRIDEAUX, B., ATKINSON, S. J., CAROLAN, V. A., MORTON, J. and CLENCH, M. R. (2006). Sample preparation and data interpretation procedures for the examination of xenobiotic compounds in skin by indirect imaging MALDI-MS. International journal of mass spectrometry, 260 (2-3), 243-251.

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