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BROWSE, Sam, GIBBONS, Alison and HATAVARA, Mari (2019). Real fictions: fictionality, factuality and narrative strategies in contemporary storytelling. Narrative Inquiry, 29 (2), 245-267.

GIBBONS, Alison (2019). The “dissolving margins” of Elena Ferrante and the Neapolitan Novels: A cognitive approach to fictionality, authorial intentionality, and autofictional reading strategies. Narrative Inquiry, 29 (2), 391-417.

GIBBONS, Alison, VERMEULEN, T and VAN DEN AKKER, R (2019). Reality beckons: metamodernist depthiness beyond panfictionality. European Journal of English Studies, 23 (2), 172-189.

GIBBONS, Alison (2019). Using life and abusing life in the trial of Ahmed Naji: Text World Theory, Adab, and the ethics of reading. Journal of Language and Discrimination.

GIBBONS, Alison (2019). Nurturing Life Writing in Egypt after the Arab Spring: Fiction as “Survival Mechanism”. a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, 34 (2), 316-324.

GIBBONS, Alison (2018). Entropology and the end of nature in Lance Olsen’s Theories of Forgetting. Textual practice, 33 (2), 280-299.

GIBBONS, Alison (2017). Reading S across media: transmedia storyworlds, multimodal fiction, and real readers. Narrative, 25 (3), 321-341.

GIBBONS, Alison (2016). 'I haven't seen you since (a specific date, a time, the weather)': Global identity and the reinscription of subjectivity in Brian Castro's Shanghai Dancing. Ariel : A Review of International English Literature, 47 (1-2), 223-251.

GIBBONS, Alison (2016). Multimodality, Cognitive Poetics, and Genre: Reading Grady Hendrix’s novel Horrorstör. Multimodal communication, 5 (1), 15-29.

GIBBONS, Alison (2015). An interview with Adam Thirlwell. Contemporary Literature, 55 (4), 611-634.

GIBBONS, Alison (2014). Tension, style and the modern psyche: A stylistic analysis of Philip Zimmermann's high tension. The blue notebook: Journal for artists’ books, 8 (2), 6-13.

GIBBONS, Alison (2012). “You’ve never experienced a novel like this”: Time and interaction when reading TOC. Electronic book review.

GIBBONS, Alison (2008). Multimodal literature 'moves' us: dynamic movement and embodiment in VAS: An opera In flatland. Hermes journal of language and communication in business,, 41, 107-124.

Book Section

GIBBONS, Alison (2018). Autonarration, 'I', and odd address in Ben Lerner's autofictional novel 10.04. In: GIBBONS, Alison and MACRAE, Andrea, (eds.) Pronouns in literature: Positions and perspectives in language. Palgrave Macmillan, 75-96.

BROWSE, Sam (2017). Between truth, sincerity, and satire: Post-truth politics and the rhetoric of sincerity. In: VAN DEN AKKER, Robin, GIBBONS, Alison and VERMEULEN, Timothy, (eds.) Metamodernism : Historicity, Affect and Depth after Postmodernism. New York, Rowman and Littlefield, 167-182.

GIBBONS, Alison (2017). Contemporary autofiction and metamodern affect. In: VAN DEN AKKER, Robin, GIBBONS, Alison and VERMEULEUN, Timotheus, (eds.) Metamodernism: Historicity, affect, and depth after postmodernism. Radical Cultural Studies . London, Rowman & Littlefield International, 117-130.

GIBBONS, Alison (2017). Metamodern affect. In: VAN DEN AKKER, Robin, GIBBONS, Alison and VERMEULEN, Timotheus, (eds.) Metamodernism: Historicity, Affect, and Depth after Postmodernism. Radical Cultural Studies . London, Rowman & Littlefield International, 83-86.

GIBBONS, Alison (2017). "Take that you intellectuals" and "KaPOW!": Adam Thirlwell and the metamodernist future of style. In: FJELLESTAD, Danuta and WATSON, David, (eds.) The futures of the present: New directions in (American) literature. Abingdon, Routledge, 29-43.

GIBBONS, Alison (2016). Building Hollywood in Paddington: Text world theory, immersive theatre, and Punchdrunk's the drowned man. In: GAVINS, Joanna and LAHEY, Ernestine, (eds.) World building: Discourse in the mind. Bloomsbury academic, 71-89.

GIBBONS, Alison (2015). Creativity and multimodal literature. In: JONES, Rodney H, (ed.) Routledge handbook of language and creativity. Abingdon, Routledge, 293-306.

GIBBONS, Alison (2014). Multimodality in literature: An analysis of Jonathan Safran Foer's 'A primer for the punctuation of heart disease'. In: NORRIS, Sigrid and MAIER, Carmen Daniela, (eds.) Interactions, images, and texts: A reader in multimodality. Boston, De Gruyter Mouton, 371-380.

GIBBONS, Alison (2012). "You were there": The allways ontologies of only revolutions. In: POHLMANN, Sascha, (ed.) Revolutionary leaves: The fiction of Mark Z. Danielewski. Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 167-182.

GIBBONS, Alison (2011). This is not for you. In: BRAY, Joe and GIBBONS, Alison, (eds.) Mark Z. Danielewski. Manchester University Press, 17-32.

GIBBONS, Alison (2010). Narrative worlds and multimodal figures in house of leaves: "-find your own words; I have no more". In: GRISHAKOVA, Marina and RYAN, Marie-Laure, (eds.) Intermediality and Storytelling. De Gruyter, 285-311.

Authored Book

GIBBONS, Alison and WHITELEY, Sara (2018). Contemporary stylistics: Language, cognition, interpretation. Edinburgh University Press.

Edited Book

GIBBONS, Alison and MACRAE, Andrea, eds. (2018). Pronouns in literature: Positions and perspectives in language. London, Palgrave Macmillan.

VAN DEN AKKER, Robin, GIBBONS, Alison and VERMEULEN, Timotheus, eds. (2017). Metamodernism: Historicity, affect, depth, after postmodernism. London, Rowman and Littlefield.

BRAY, Joe, GIBBONS, Alison and MCHALE, Brian, eds. (2012). The Routledge companion to experimental literature. Oxon, Routledge.

BRAY, Joe and GIBBONS, Alison, eds. (2011). Mark Z. Danielewski. Manchester University Press.

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